Monday, November 20, 2023

Meathead Mike Lee


 A lot of Republicans having read the community notes now understand they have been led astray, but Mike Lee, US Senator and former law clerk for Sam Alito, wants to hold on to the fantasy that an FBI "op" instigated the 1/6 melee, and that an undercover fed was for some reason caught flashing his actual badge on camera. In a set-up to compromise Trump supporters to make it look like they stormed the Capitol and beat up cops and whatnot which they did, but to somehow make it look worse for reasons? 

That's fucking asinine. There was no need for an op: every damn extremely online human associated with politics knew what was up that day. All antifa humans knew they were not going there because the headbreakers were coming out in force. MAGAs were being drawn like moths. And actual "cops" seemed to have little clue. This all would make a lot of sense unless your guilty little soul needed a retcon for some reason. 

Like actually being one of the people who wanted to overturn the election.  I don't know why the boy needs to be so shy about it, after Trump misdialed Mike trying to reach Tommy Taterhead. He considered Sidney Powell a "straight shooter"

Is Mike Lee saying he's still going around looking for the "REAL CULPRITS"? 

Somehow, I'm not buying it. And I think Mike Lee is just playing at being this big of a meathead himself. 


Ten Bears said...

As I recall, the anti-fascists, from anarchist to socialist, were on the night of the fifth warning anyone who hadn't already drawn the conclusion "Don't Be There!" ~ don't be within a hundred miles of there ~ to get the hell out of there. The 'op' was to trap 'antifa' into street violence to justify martial law. It was a riot waiting to happen

I've commented before about Benghazi! and the J6 similarities ~ Someone stirred up the rubes with inflammatory social media rhetoric, incited then herded a riot to overrun a poorly defended government compound. The same tactics used in the 50’s to install puppet governments in Iran, Chile. Was Benghazi! a dry run, a training exercise: practice ... ?

I'm actually still pretty pleased about how we came together in that ...

Vixen Strangely said...

One of the things I'm looking at with the Israel/Palestine situation is social media demonstrating huge bad faith postings specifically because of high emotional-investment, both among people who genuinely care about human rights for both Palestinians and Jewish people, and for "End times" loonies and white supremacists.

One of the things I was looking at in that direction re: Benghazi was that the film-maker was an Egyptian Copt who for some reason presented himself as an Israeli backed by others--I think because it would be more inflammatory to the Muslim world. He promoted it through Terry Jones of Dove Ministries--an "independent" candidate that year notorious for Koran-burning. Baiting people into not debate, but unrest feels deliberate.

Richard said...

Mike Lee is a big disappointment to the 42.74 % of us who voted against him in the 2022 Senate election. We tried, but Utah is a peculiar State and he has the support of the Church. We are ashamed that this corrupt greasy meatball claims to represent us.

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