Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Joe Biden, Turkey Pricer


You can forget what you may have read about record-low unemployment, or how inflation has leveled out and some prices are going back down. The economy still has some very troubling indicators. Such as Republicans on Fox New lying about it.  

In other news, Joe Biden is old. Have you heard?

UPDATE:  It's a good bird!

As a person who believes in responsible, sustainable carnivorism, I wholly approve of the product, but honey--that is not the $15 Butterball (or maybe less with some kind of supermarket receipt promotion) most of America is getting. It is, indeed, a free-range organic, etc. bird. It's a good bird. I bet you it tastes good, too. But it's a bougie bird. And getting a bougie bird is a CONSUMER choice--not a POTUS problem. (It reminds me of the "Thanks Obama!" memes of yore, right?) 

In other news, Biden is still old--and funny:

I saw a lot of pissing and moaning about this picture. It's a whole lot of candles. THAT'S IT. THAT's THE JOKE. I swear, you young people don't have any sense of humor. 

If you think 81 candles looks like a lot, imagine what a visual representation of 91 indictments is like. Yeesh!


fry1laurie said...

Purchased at Whole Foods, obviously.

Vixen Strangely said...

Near enough! My husband worked at Whole Foods for a bit, and the prices of higher quality meat can be a gobstopper--but yeah, as added above, this was not from a regular, degular, freezer display on the local big supermarket kind of turkey. I am guessing the former congressman hasn't eaten one of those things in a good while.

Ten Bears said...

Sounds pretty WOKE to me ... all natural, free-range (eats free bugs, worms, lizards, frogs small snakes and occasionally rodents FREE!) no estrogens or testosterones ... I can see that costing a hundred bucks at Newport Market or Market of Choice

G'da would've muttered something under his breath about turkeys, we don't eat them ...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Heritage Turkey's are this expensive perhaps champagne Chaffetz is used to this level of taste but, since the Heritage Foods are a Woke company I doubt many red-blooded rightwingers are buying from them.

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