Tuesday, October 3, 2023

TWGB: Seething Contempt


The former guy seemed a little confused about how he ended up with no jury. His attractive strip mall attorney who also does traffic beefs forgot to check a box! (So weird! By his own admission, Trump is always checking boxes.) But anyway, instead of being mad at his counsel (and really, they are what he can get) Trump trained his ire on the AG (of course) calling her a reverse racist again and the judge, which is exactly what you would do if the decision in this case came down to (checks notes) that guy. 

TrumpWorld has poisoned my brain. I start looking for the obvious fuckery every time. Is Trump baiting the judge so he can declare everything was biased against him? Is he baiting him to get contempt ruled on him? Is he just pretending he doesn't know how he ended up with no jury so he can turn around and waste time with an incompetent counsel appeal? 

I have no idea at all. Maybe none of the above (I don't think any of that would pass the smell test, anyway) and it is really just a sad, farcical clusterfuck where the stable genius is watching his life pass in front of him. But he says he's going to testify on his own behalf, and goddamn if that doesn't sound worth the price of admission!

And maybe he also wants to duck the deposition for the Michael Cohen libel trial he initiated because he realized he'd incriminate himself because he's a big flipping dumbass. Because at some point, isn't somebody gonna ask: But wasn't he working for YOU? Like, Michael Cohen didn't get himself into the shit for you without you, hon.

But here's the thing with narcissists: in Trump's mind, all this is good attention, because IT IS attention. And getting attention was how he won one election so?


So Scott Hall (not the bad guy?) is going for a plea deal down in Georgia. Bernie Kerik wants immunity to testify. See, I can't fixate on one particular way Trump is screwed when there's so many possible ways Trump is legally screwn. And this could be the start of something big. Once in a great while, shit can be made to roll uphill. 

But back to Trump's seething contempt: one ongoing theme of the TWGB is Trump is trying to incite violence.  When he singles out Letitia James and Justice Engoron, he's making them a target for his little fan club minions. While I think the NY judge is going to pass on doling out a repercussion for Trump's little stunt queen bullshit (for now, not forever--because Trump will fundraise off of being SILENCED or whatever somehow) this is just more fuel for a righteous gagging in his federal case before Judge Chutkan. 

A part of me just really wants this wayward dingus ex-president to get clapped in a cell for a whole wake-up call. But I'm just assuming that the guy is wired for wake-up calls, and maybe, just maybe, understanding the entirety of his situation is yet another way he doesn't do "woke". 

As a postscript, if the above meme seems a little mean of me, the early conception looked like this:

And I thought, that's too mean. Then I posted it anyway. Right here. Because to hell with that guy. 

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