Sunday, October 1, 2023

Much Ado About the Shutdown


The maneuvering to have or not have the government shutdown was very stupid, which means it will likely happen again. For all the folk relieved that it didn't happen, there will be some very disappointed that there was no great, beautiful chaos. (Trump doesn't understand congressional math or the assignment of political liability now any more than he did when he was in office. Some of his little House minions are very loyal and very confused.) McCarthy himself knew better. 

But here is what the foofaraw amounted to: stripping out the aid to Ukraine, which can be obtained through a separate resolution. It strikes an awful chord, though: are we a nation true to our word, that will support our allies and follows though on our promises? Are we as a nation capable of understanding the risks and rewards of our actions? Do we understand why Putin is the villain here, and what does it mean when some of our elected representatives simply--do not? 

So what was accomplished besides displaying a soft white underbelly of GOP dysfunction and willingness to answer to the voices of un-American fuck-ups? 

Does McCarthy's speakership survive?  Honestly? Who else wants the job? 

Also, the GOP narrowly evaded being stuck with the onus of being the stupidest people of the day, because one Democratic Representative tried to use a shortcut from Cannon to where the action is. Yeah, he was definitely not trying to stop the vote, since he...voted? I think he was trying to get to the vote but definitely misread the signs. 

That is a problem that is certainly going around.  Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to write about shutdown nonsense, because the idea that these stupid, paycheck and service-denying things happen over political snits is fucking shameful. 

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