Sunday, June 4, 2023

Satan's Day Off


I'm not sure how I want to go about this, but the idea that the right is incensed, just pure livid, about child abuse feels like ashes in the mouth.  I mean Matt Walsh is someone who doesn't care that the Catholic Church has priests who screw underage people:

It's only weird when it's gay, you guys. Adult males fucking underage females is not something he has a problem with. He's got issues with the idea of consent. That's a cockblock. 

When you notice that the GOP doesn't really acknowledge that women shouldn't carry the child of their rapist if they would really rather not, it really starts to look like they are giving a kind of sanction to rape.  Why not accept the "fruit"? Why not let the sperm donor be a father? 

I just see so many predators in Christian clothes. How would I ever find time for looking for trouble with the LGBT community when this is the religious folks: I mean obviously there's Josh Duggar. But it goes deeper than that. 

Just like the Southern Baptist Church and the Catholic Church alike have their institutional problems with abuse. 

I just note that those who believe they have the protection of their faith think it's the outsiders, the satanic forces who create evil in the world, But it looks like the religious can screw up all by themselves--why scapegoat their imaginary adversary?

(I mean sheesh--if just having an imaginary friend who created heaven and earth and really wants you to just be straight and perform your gender exists, why even synthesize a hell to explain the rainbow that those of us under the same sky accept as our covenant, too?  What if we, your neighbors, where the ones you needed to turn the other cheek about? Because here we are. )

It's Satan's day off, everyone, and if you hurt other people--it's your own damn fault. And if conservatives want to lionize certain influencers as truth tellers and whatnot when they run down LGBT people--maybe we should look a little deeper at what they actually do espouse. And ask if maybe they are the problem, and madly, madly projecting. 


Dan Kleiner said...

i mean, it's really too much to ask for, that these clowns should know a modicum of history before they start shooting at the hip, but chemical weapons aren't a "state-of-the-art, modern invention..."

funny, i thought greek fire was famous.

...also, yeah. they have NO idea what consent is. it's a completely foreign concept to them.

Vixen Strangely said...

They don't fact-check. Colbert was onto something when he coined the idea of truthiness. It just feels right that antique armies didn't do chemical warfare. Shoot, humans are nasty and have been using biological warfare by dropping dead bodies into wells and the like since before we knew what germ theory was. But the thing about consent especially throws me because I was raised where it was assumed I had a mind, not a will to be broken, but preferences because I thought. How do conservatives think their own Like, do they understand that they think and can be reasoned with and taught things and the kids make choices and aren't just gullible Silly Putty brains taking on the imprint of any funny pages they roll onto? If kids see drag shows or trans people--they'll be confused? Why? Every kid who watched Milton Berle or Bugs Bunny do drag realized the joke. No confusion at all. If a little girl or boy was trans they didn't need trans representation to know what they wanted from their life--the trans girl saw cis women. The trans boy saw cis men.

There's an almost childlike all or nothing reasoning here: if kids are exposed to the mere existence of trans or gay people--they'll just go off and be that. Just like the idea that kids will decide to be gay, or that if abortion and birth control are legal, someday no one will be having kids. As if they feel like maybe the nuclear family and forced fertility probably is a total bummer. As if being naturally cis or straight isn't a thing, or that LGBT people don't already know conversion isn't a thing because we don't want it used on gay or trans kids to try and change what to them, is innate. Nothing is forced, it's just that the kid, the individual, the thinking rational human being, should have a choice.

Whereas the conservative POV involves such wild assumptions as marriage means husbands can't rape their wives or daddies are responsible for their daughters' virginity and who they get married off to. Because consent is a dubious thing, but especially for women.

So I love when they talk about supporting human rights for LGBT people as "gender ideology". My ideology: you do you sweetheart, it's your life. Their version: Women are women and are the mommy dolls in this dollhouse, and men are men and are the daddy dolls in this dollhouse, or we will smash this dollhouse down!

Matt Walsh has a weird bit of swag where he is depicted at a bearded crawling baby on all fours. It fits. These are badly arrested angry children.

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