Sunday, June 4, 2023

Nikki Haley Has No Clue


Is it the trans girls in the very rare locker room that are causing the suicidality of cis girls in general? How can this be? Trans people are less than one percent of the population. What the fuck?  You know what made me feel shitty and not want to be alive and want to cut school all the time as a teen--being weird and bullied by other cis girls. I didn't know a single trans kid. 

Nikki Haley is not a serious person. Oh she's ambitious, but she isn't serious. Or she would be capable of taking serious positions. She had a serious position on Trump the racist. And then she threw it away

The fucking last nerve of this inept dumbass to pretend she didn't mean "align with Russia" against Iran, when, if you are dumb enough not to know how Russia, Syira, Iran work, having been exposed to foreign policy (except in a very dumb way) in the Trump Administration because she is too mushy to punch up, but is exactly down to clown in this attack on trans kids--whose suicidality clearly and truly eclipses their peers, isn't a political failing. It's a human one. These are the people whose human rights she feels fine optioning away for her outsider 1-3% shot, not at the general election, but the fucking GOP primary. 

Let me clue Haley in--teen girl suicidality has a lot to do with our bodies. We're not curvy. We're too curvy. We've got bad skin. Boys don't want us. Boys do want us, but it's a whole lot to deal with. Other girls are mean. Being in school is not a choice and there are no selective vacation days. You've got cutting or actually being sick to not do this mandatory-ass shit. All our clothes are, however carefully selected, not in style and are very dumb, because we are not making having really cool clothes money at the babysitting/fast food/grocery bagging thing. We have periods and gym class and would really rather not. Also someone might be abusing us sexually, an adult, and we can't even say shit about it. 

There is exactly no traumatized girl who tried to or thought about fucking her mortal coil off because trans people exist. This isn't even the first time this signifying ass said this. To have said this once was a foul mistake, to have made this a "thing" about her candidacy is monstrous. 

You either have positions or you don't. You stand for something or you don't. This woman says what she thinks people want to hear. Whether it's true or not. Whether she believes it or not. Someone with this little character and capable of making this kind of shitty rhetorical choice about trans kids she knows nothing about, as if she herself doesn't know about being a teen girl herself and why it's hard, and how it has nothing at all to do with trans folx, is all I need to see of her character to know she barely has one. 

I get that she said other stuff at this CNN townhall deal, but this is what gobsmacks me. The smallness and the carelessness for human rights. The viciousness against a minority. The idea she has in her mind this elevates her, instead of showing her basic badness. 

UPDATE: Did you know she would absolutely sign a national abortion ban but maybe now she just wants to hear from other people? And pretends it's the Democrats who might be interested in the latest term abortion possible, because why not lie?  She sucks. 


Ten Bears said...

If you're gonna' be Pretendident you gotta' be good at pretending ...

Kwark said...

So far none of the repub wannabes are actually GOOD at pretending or lying so with a crowded field of boring alternatives Republicans will almost certainly end up with Trump.

Vixen Strangely said...

They have no courage, principles, or leadership qualities at all. A leader can say things that might not get applause and live through it. A leader can win others over and doesn't lick their finger and hold it up to know which way the wind is blowing. Thye can tell things to people with the authority of knowing what the hell they are talking about, and the sincerity of feeling some way about it. Trump is gifted enough in his sociopathy to convincingly fake it. The rest, my stars. They are like the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band.

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