Wednesday, May 3, 2023

It Comes Down to Hurting Women


The so-called "pro-life" movement isn't that at all. There was no good reason for her to carry this doomed child to this outcome--only a stubborn idea that being born is better than not, even when biology stubbornly also insists, sometimes--no. 

If we look at the snitching-based law in Texas that allows anyone to sue a person who obtains an abortion or aids and abets it--here's where we end up. The worst human ever gets to use this law to further abuse someone who certainly does not owe him offspring. The reality of what anti-abortion legislation is for becomes obvious. 

It's about control. It's about telling someone who is female-bodied they have no rights the state needs to respect. Women are shuttled from pillar to post as lawyers argue whether they are close enough to death to be given reproductive care. The law that says they can seek care to save their lives is disregarded for the sake of the anti-abortionists' imaginary fetal friends. 

We have states where women are told to wait even in a parking lot until they are close to death before they can seek care. 

The reality of their situation needs such careful documentation. Like once again, in Florida, where a rape victim needs a paper trail to prove her situation. Consider a minor child, a victim of incest. How easy is it for that person to document what happened to them? A person economically dependent on their rapist (a situation a groomer/abuser certainly tries to create). A person stalked, threatened with further violence based on their actions? 

There are people who can't easily demonstrate they are raped or even physically imperiled by their pregnancy until their situation is literally them--at death's door. And this is not where someone should be compelled by law to be for their care.  No one should be so compelled to save their own life, or negotiate the euthanasia of their own child, by way of a protracted argument in a biologically time-limited situation. We need to give this space to them. It should not be a debate.

Abortion restrictions are demeaning of life, not respectful of it. They deny agency to sentient humans and enshrine the rights of non-sentient embryos and fetuses. 

It is hard to see these laws, based on the results, as anything but anti-woman. They deny women the right to even save themselves.  

Because of this--no Republicans are fit for office, no matter their bleatings about moderate goals etc. Where the obvious result of their legislation is dead women and dead babies, no. Absolutely not.  The so-called pro-life movement is more pro-death and hateful of women and insistent on their suffering than anyone should tolerate. 

I will not back any politician comfortable with women dead because of their fertility. End of message. 

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Jimmy T said...

Jeebus, making a woman give birth to a baby that has no chance of survival is beyond cruel, it's sadistic. But the protection of the child industry always oversteps the boundaries. I wish it weren't so, but the political environment within the red states will never see women as adults capable of making tough decisions. This is so wrong on so many levels...

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