Sunday, March 5, 2023

Genocidal Peas and Carrots


 I noticed a year ago that there was nothing coincidental about Nick Fuentes and his America First/Groyper thing turning up near to hand with CPAC. It's all the more evident after Fuentes was Trump's supposedly surprise dinner guest last year. 

I've been paying attention to the Michael Knowles conversation about whether eliminating "transgenderism" from public life means eliminating transgender people from existing. And a lot of people asked the obvious questions--what happened when they decided to eliminate Jews from public life in the Third Reich, as Hitler did by legislating their freedoms away? They were made terribly visible, at first, as their lives were circumscribed. And then they were made invisible because to be seen was death. 

Michael Knowles is a Catholic and can trace his heritage back to the Mayflower. He has an Ivy League education and is trained as an ACTOR, by your leave, my good ladies and gents. And his smile (slaps face) can hold an awful lot of shit in it

He would like you to know that despite what you think he was saying, he doesn't want the transgender people killed. My no! He just wants the reality of their lives to be denied and not ever be seen in public. No public support for trans people, or medical treatment, or government recognition, or maybe visibly trans people in jobs or...

Yeah. It amounts to dead trans people. He wants to remove all representation and hope for less than 1% of the population because the down-punching fuckface can. And there are laws being passed in state legislatures removing trans identity bit by bit. Denying insurance for transition coverage. Denying treatment, even just psychological therapy to trans youth. And so on. And where trans rights and trans lives are at stake, so are gay lives and rights. There is no separation--not in straight-world. And no queer person should be comfortable right now. 

 His vague "transgenderism" reminds me an awful lot of the supposedly nefarious "gay agenda" of years gone by. I never knew what the homophobes thought was so scary about the gay agenda. I knew it matched the gay handbag and wallet. Oh, and just after waking up and before brunch, on the agenda was: Survival. In a world where queer deaths from AIDS and queer bashing were well known, where the message about who you were and what you wanted from your life was not well-received back in the day--you had survival on the agenda. Where preachers asked for your death and the monsters in pulpits were apt to try to make it happen. Where even the politicians you depended on prayed with these fuckers who wanted your death. 

Human lives are not an abstraction because of their identity. Being trans is a part of a person, the way queerness is, the way ethnicity is, the way anything you can be unpersoned for is. When Knowles tries to be cute and pretend he isn't a genocidist because he is at war with a concept, not people, he denies that the word is applied to people and the people came first. And he cannot be that stupid, 

Nick Fuentes reminds us of the old taint of anti-Semitism, which we for now by and large as a society recall to be quite wrong, even if some Christian nationalists might say otherwise. Michael Knowles shows us how easy it is to use words to pretend genocidal thoughts are just exciting concepts for debate. About human lives. That can be ruined.

I stay in mourning for the sons who were buried because families could not love their daughters and the daughters who ran away because they could not be sons. Michael Knowles' comfortable straight ass never has to regard these lives, but I will hold them up. 

And as for Knowles' employer, he has reason to know better and he better know, they started with the transfolx back when, but they come for anyone eventually. 

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