Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Biden Knocked 'em Dead in the Old SOTU


Now, after that, are the GOP feeling like they want to try to introduce something about so-called "entitlement" (paid-benefit) programs and be made liars? 

Joe Biden foxed them. He got them rolling. He just set up the ad against whenever they want to roll that idea out. He decided to go off message to use the GOP's contrary energy against them, like political aikido.  This is what Joe Biden does best--he gets people. His EQ is outstanding. And he knew how to bait the hook. 

Now you know: Democrats and the Biden Administration will protect your Social Security--and the GOP, not so much. But they might leave it alone for now. He also called out opposition to his infrastructure plan, saying he would meet his opponents at the ground breaking. Because you know goddamn right Republicans will vote against things and then take credit for them like butter would not melt in their mouths. 

And I don't care what nepo-baby Sarah Huckabee Sanders has to say in response, because she is going to pretend like the culture war fell on her, not like she and her inappropriate-length dresses fell on the culture war and like she maybe did not lie for a former president and therefore has no standing whatsoever to call out anyone else's supposed factual shortcomings. 

The story is, Democrats perform in office, and the GOP performs like a madhouse--incoherent and signifying their delusions. 

I have nothing better to say about what I saw. 


Ali Redford said...

That was indeed enjoyable!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Joe is a master Trash Talker and totally owned them with a gleeful smile n his face while Republicans sputtered and looked like petulant jack asses. But, I must admit that the Corporate Media didn't give the MAGA SoTU rebuttal as well as the "regular" GOP one by Suckabee Sanders. Kind of like the Tea Party additional one the Media lavished on Michele Bachmann back in the day.

Vixen Strangely said...

Trump gave a less than 2 minute SOTU rebuttal reading from a script where he blamed Joe Biden and Democrats for the war in Ukraine, trans people existing, and all of his legal troubles. The media hasn't made a big deal over it because Trump is really sad and incoherent now and they seem to wish he wasn't.

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