Wednesday, January 25, 2023

There is a Reason Kari Lake Lost


But a recent news story tells us exactly what happened: she did it to herself.  

But according to the Republic, Lake’s loss boils down to the fact that she alienated vast swaths of her fellow Republicans, pointing to a recent analysis of the public voting records to identify the “disaffected voters” who support the majority of candidates from one political party but cast a vote for the opposing party in a specific race.

“The numbers show that while Lake claims she lost because of printer problems or other issues in Maricopa County,” wrote the Republic’s Mary Jo Pitzl, “she could have won had she not turned off voters in the state’s most populous county who backed a host of other Republican candidates”:

Or long story short:

Kari Lake Lost Because Nearly 40,000 Maricopa County Voters Cast Ballots for Other GOP Candidates, But Not Her

Because maybe she needed the "John McCain Republicans" she was so hot to deride.  Maybe she made it too easy for Katie Hobbs to turn down a debate by acting exactly like the radical that Hobbs wanted to depict her as. And maybe focusing on the last election--2020--cost her 2022 because she wasn't focused on winning, but what to do if she lost. 

And bizarrely, she's still in denial-land. She's still trying to appeal her loss. Her Twitter feed and that of her "War Room" share random data points that don't prove any coordinated fraud, and she sits and bitches about her loss with people like Bannon who shouldn't be touched with a twenty-foot pole and supports Mike Lindell (!?) for RNC chair. Or Harmeet Dhillon. Depending on the day you ask. Anyone but whoever let her lose. But she ran a campaign that doubled down on stupid and is now setting herself up to look like an election denialist kook if she runs for anything else. 

And I say "Good". Better we all understand who we are dealing with so that Ruben Gallego kicks her narrow ass if she runs for Senate. And maybe she is just taking a very dishonest page from her hero, Donald Trump's, book regarding the profitability of crying "rigged". It's a pretty decent dollar--that fake indignation dollar. 

It would be lovely not to ever hear from this crank again. 


Richard said...

She lost because even an Arizona snowbird retiree still can tell the difference. She was hoping to fool all her Fox News old people viewers. They are stupid, but not that stupid. They thought she was a liar. Who am i to disagree?

Ten Bears said...

"Darn?" ~ LOL

Green Eagle said...

I notice that the article you linked to does not deign to inform us about which of Lake's positions "alienated" Republican voters. I would really have liked to know that, because it would provide a nice indication of just how crazed the Republican base is. Not blaming you here- the source doesn't bother to reveal this information either, but I would have liked to know.

Vixen Strangely said...

Yeah--I have some issues understanding what besides her messaging was the specific problem. Policy-wise, her position on homelessness was typically barbarian. But she had good points about not taxing rent and groceries, and suggested she was up for a major infrastructure change to preserve more water for Arizona, which is the kind of change I think might be necessary and even libs could get down with. I don't love Republican politics because they don't do policy well normally and tend to overstate their culture war bona fides--but I can easily envision a Kari Lake campaign where in Goldwater country she didn't fumble the bag. Where she just had a sensible policy platform that she articulated well and voters could respond to.

She could have easily did this instead of being a paranoid Trump asslicker. Why she didn't should lay on her mind--but she decided it was other folks' fault. And she is sticking with this lie.

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