Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Trump Does Some Truthing on Truth Social


Trump would really like it if other presidential type people were in the same boat he's in, even though they are not, because they didn't try to Ocean's Eleven shit out of the White House to their own actual homes for reasons that could be truly nefarious indeed. 

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush--they all need to be raided like he was just to make things fair. Why didn't they get raided? Why was he singled out? How weird, right? Oh, he did take the documents--but is it fair that only he gets looked at?

This is a complaint worthy of a fussy baby. 

Why was he singled out? Why are they treating him like a traitor after he raised an insurrection attempt? Why are folks so mean to TRUMP? Why aren't they kissing his hand for the good things?

Long story short--he did steal docs and they were top secret and so on, and he wasn't even that good at being a president. 

He even raised an insurrection while lying about whether the votes were fair and correct. Maybe he earned extra scrutiny, right? 

Also, he doesn't get that there is a limitation to privilege. Such as one's immunity to civil suits. Or even one's ability to try and have things both ways: retaining (stealing) docs as being because of personal use or executive privilege: whatever works

Anyway, Trump acknowledges he took stuff and isn't that kind of like a confession?  And he's attacking the special counsel's family, too, so. That's greeeeeaaaaat

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