Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The RNC is Taking a Look at Itself


In the wake of the "red wave" that wasn't, the RNC is taking a hard look at itself and has commissioned an advisory council to take a look into what happened. On tap--Blake Masters, Unabomber appreciator who just lost his US Senate race in AZ, and Tony Perkins, hate group leader. Among the things they will be looking into growing the party with minority outreach and introducing new voices. 

I can see a bit of a problem there. 

Are they going to get suburban women by messaging that the party is open to entertaining banning birth control or minorities by implying diversity is suspect? Are they going to attract LGBT people or allies with...well, any of it?

I think it's not off-base to suggest that the Dobbs decision and candidate quality were key to Republican losses and that losing with independent voters might have something to do with the paucity of moderate voices. The look they need to take shouldn't really be too long or hard--they just need to look into the right mirror.

I don't think I want what's best for the GOP, of course. They deserve Mike Lindell

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sleeve98 said...

"...the Dobbs decision and candidate quality were key to Republican losses..."

Add to that Republicans' self-disenfranchisement from a 'rigged' election and the disproportionate COVID deaths from mask/distancing obstinance - and STILL we barely prevailed in most of the races we did win.

But I'll take it.

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