Sunday, August 14, 2022

Playing With Our Tolerance


Trump seems to be entering some kind of "finding out stage" after a lifetime of fucking around, and he's not just spinning out, but so are his remote lickspittles. There's some kind of Bundy Ranch type shit amassing outside of the Phoenix FBI station, and that's just stupid. Are the Trump cranial vermiform-infected genuinely thinking the entire agency is so compromised that any agents anywhere are in on the plot against the Once and Future Guy?

His work was over because the American people said "You're fired!" He didn't have any more work. He was no longer the president. THE. FORMER. GUY.

And let's make no mistake--former guy is what he is. Despite his beautiful plumage, his presidency is dead. Trump's presidency has passed on. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. If not for his cult he would not have a ghost of a future. His political processes are now history. He's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off his presidential coil, rung down the curtain, and joined the choir civilian--he's an ex-president

Not all of his followers get that. They didn't understand it was over 1/6 and they don't want to know it now. They need to be shown it. We can handle a little political difference. We can't handle people who think Trump is still in charge, or, given what the crime scene suggests, should ever have been, let alone get near to again. 

Just leaving aside whether any of the documents were related to nuclear technology or policy--which is probably very interesting to foreign parties--I don't want to make that possibility "extra-sexy" and hype it. Same thing for the US payroll "compartmentalized" info, or signals intelligence, both of which could be used to expose field intelligence assets. Someone who would do that is no patriot, anyone who would do that for money, spite, or out of indifference is all the same kind of traitor to me. 

I don't put it past Trump, but I don't know for sure that's what he was holding. If GSA packed his shit wrong, once he knew he had sensitive docs he should have handed them over with no further prodding. If he got a subpoena, he should have followed it. He had no business having his lawyers pretend he gave over everything he had in his possession if it was not true, especially in writing, and Trump had no reason to act aggrieved when the FBI came to collect on the shit he failed to part with. He was told. 

It doesn't matter if he just was feeling sentimental--he had stuff he had no business having in a place he had no business having it. Securing it and investigating who had access is just national security stuff--it doesn't have to be political let alone personal, it's just ensuring national secrets aren't being passed to corrupt fucking random dildos. 

And Trump's little fan club are so mad. Maybe it's the old cognitive dissonance acting up again? The thing where for a whole minute you look at the incongruity and momentarily recognize your priors are probably all the way fucked? 

There are very few reasons he would have possession of this stuff for entirely innocent reasons, but it becomes still worse when you realize he tried to hold onto it. And that he was subpoenaed very nicely, and didn't respond was bad, and that he acts like he's the wronged party now is actually textbook sketchy behavior. He's the fuckup, here. His combativeness is defensive. No matter where your imagination takes you, there are very few ways in which what he's doing with the things he has is totally innocent.  Macron intelligence? Blackmail/leverage? After Trump shook down Zelenskyy, are we going to pretend he's beyond trying to screw with the elected leaders of other countries? And who does that serve? (Because for western governments, that always sounds like Putin to me.)

I don't think Trump's threats that his fan club will avenge him or maybe just prevent his ever being served any flavor of justice, can be tolerated. They are another form of his obstruction of justice. A society that values the rule of law should deal with them fairly decisively. 

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