Monday, August 15, 2022

Passport to Nowhere


So, it looks to me like Team Trump tried to gin up a little outrage by pretending that the FBI seized Trump's passports. But the FBI didn't mean to take them, and offered them back, so? What was the damage? They want to front like Left Wing media went hog-wild assuming this meant that the FBI were letting Trump know he shouldn't try to leave the country because he had a date with judicial destiny? 

Huh. I don't suppose this is a "gotcha" on our side, based on what TrumpWorld constantly tells us: if it looks bad, it is bad. There's no reason not to believe TrumpWorld was getting out in front of the actual narrative to muddy the waters. Claim that passports were taken (because yeah) and ascribe fuckery but, no, they offered them back. 

What does it mean? Hey! We don't know! I think that's great, though. Trump is in the midst of so many grand juries and investigations, and we literally know basically shit about any of them. Maybe Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani are getting their fucking around card punched with a finding out flash because they got some letters coming their way. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know how fucked they are. 

I only know TrumpWorld may have thrown out the passport thing to make Trump seem especially put upon. But we know he did the 1/6 thing and the FBI truly did take a couple dozen boxes of stuff from Mar-a-Lago. Like, no matter what the deflection is, it still looks a lot like Trump still very seriously violated the Presidential records act. 

All things considered, you can't whatabout away whether Trump really had Top Secret shit at his winter White House.  He did, and it was wrong to do that. 

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