Thursday, June 30, 2022

Putin Wants to Mudwrestle In the Wrong Pit


This is just a quick observation, and I know Boris Johnson is a big old load of pasty business and I am not talking about him being any kind of shirtless hot--he's standing up against Putin though, and if I give him nothing else, his standing on that is the best thing you will ever get me to agree with on a Conservative. (The Tory threat against him makes me wonder what Tories are about since he's still here. You all fixing to do better than still represented? I have questions.)  But Joe Biden could bike shirtless and look great for a man that's my Dad's age and the fact he falls off his bike and gets up again isn't disgusting--that's amazeballs. His hips are intact. Yowza. For elderly levels of resilience. 

But just so we are clear, my imaginary Canadian boyfriend Justin Trudeau is ripped and would absolutely destroy Putin in a pose-off. It isn't cute on Putin's part. Trudeau is lefty as hell but he would fuck up this old man in a boxing ring. I consider Putin among my few people I'd risk my idiot ass to get hold the neck of (along with Bashir Al Assad and Mike Flynn).  Trudeau is one of my marital panties-off passes. It isn't any contest who is a better man. Putin doesn't understand that his tits are pointing at the ground and the time he has left has been spent murdering. That is not attractive. His legacy will be being barking mad and throwing Russia's best at Ukraine and demonstrating how very bad he left, after 20 or so years influence, Russia's capability, because Ukraine is still here, and they did that damage to Russia appearance of strength, and the world wants to help them, because the free world is better than what Putin and his flabby horse-riding titties want for their posterity. 

But even if the Candian prime minister wasn't a fucking hotbody, the problem remains--do we think people have the right of self-determination and shouldn't sovereign nations have the right to protect themselves and their own democratic government?

You could be anyone in the world and as lowly as and homely as fuck, and if you believe that the business of government is determined by the people, you have a strength and belief in mankind that resounds. We deserve better than the government any "strongman" offers. Putin projects strength and that is his weakness, because he doesn't believe in a free and democratic, capable, sovereign, self-determining Russia--he thinks it's strong because of him. He doesn't care what happens without him. He might even rather it fail without him--because he made his country's business about him. 

I think government service is a trust--you just need to leave your country no worse than you found it and try to do better. Administer the role you have to the best of your ability, understand that you are a steward for the time you serve, and do no harm. Putin has been about harm. He made things worse. Zelenskyy has tried to preserve what Ukraine has--he looks great in a t shirt, but nonetheless, it's his resolve and his dedication that matters to history. 

It's what you do. In the end, what you are, and what you are worth is what you do. What did Putin do? Fuck him and the horse he's rode in on. Who did he think he was, and what has he done? It isn't great.  Putin is just a bad guy who tried to pose being something else. Otherwise, a little man doing a bigger job than he needed to do. And causing a lot of unnecessary damage in the process. 


Kwark said...

Well, to be honest, my first thought was "Why is the AP wasting everyone's time (at best) reporting this as news?" But you're right.

Vixen Strangely said...

It's a part of his strongman posture--and I think journalists ought to be critical about how politicians use the media. The media was abused under Trump and they committed countless errors covering him and how he berated them, while entrancing them--telling them they were bullshit or liars for reporting what actually was true about him (he was a racist ignorant pussy-grabber) while they made him seem credible by seriously covering his ignorance like a real presidential candidate or a seriously capable POTUS. He wasn't. The reality, not the pose; the deficiencies, not the narrative, should have been their duty to report. The media sometimes fails to realize the difference between narrative (work), PR and just the straight shoot. And the result is we get absolute fuckforbrainz in office.

Ten Bears said...

On the inside we call that kind of talk "selling wolf tickets."

Tough talk for a [X] hiding behind an Army ...

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