Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I Thought They Knew (Uvalde updates)


The question for me isn't how they sleep at night with this on their conscience but what anyone does about it. I can't imagine what it would have felt like for those children--an eternity? I think about how they will survive their trauma. But if those officers knew about those desperate calls and did nothing, the shame of it shouldn't leave them.

UPDATE:  Every time some new detail comes out, it appears that the Uvalde PD tried to create a self-serving narrative. The initial claim that the door that the shooter gained entrance to had been propped open turned out to be more complicated than that--the door was also then shut but had not locked properly. But regardless--doors do open and shut, nothing about that detail stopped the cops from getting as far as the hallway to do nothing. They have now stopped cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety's investigation into the shooting.

UPDATE:  The Uvalde police chief says that he will have more to say after the funerals when the families stop grieving. Suffering is endless, but closure is a blessing. There is no perfect time, but there is also no "when the families stop grieving." There is only doing one's duty and being transparent. 

UPDATE: Chief Arredondo did not have a radio on the scene and made up his mind about not gaining entry early on. The tragic 911 phone calls from inside the classroom might not have been conveyed to him right away.  This tragedy seems to have been such a communications clusterfuck. 

UPDATE: I do not know if the Guardians of the Children bikers in Uvalde are meant to shield the families from journalists (kind of understandable, actually) or the cops (whose performance has earned serious criticism). I get that journalists are feeling intimidated by the evasive measures the local PD are taking, but I also think the families need to be left alone unless they volunteer that they have something to say to the press. 

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