Sunday, December 5, 2021

Prager University is Definitely A Special Place


So, as you all know, among the luminaries of obviously original thought and deep study who occasionally drop videos at the not even remotely a university thing that Dennis (an entire racist asshole) Prager does, is Candace Owens, who for some wacky reason, thought the real problem with Hitler was trying to franchise fascism.  Because things were just super in Germany, but the daggone fool overextended himself. 

This Tweet is great shades of John Hagee (who endorsed John McCain) having extolled Hitler as a hunter of Jews who drove them into Zion. That was so incredibly disgusting that when unearthed, John McCain, who never did care for the religious zealots, disavowed that support. But you know it hardly matters when Trump openly embraced exactly this kind of antisemitic asshole. You all remember Donald Trump, right? 

You know the President who said maybe some of the people who chanted "Jews Will Not Replace Us" were good people?

So, because I do this, remember the thing of when there was a Let's go Brandon chant at a church? It was John Hagee's church. They got wise to the viper they let into their church I guess.  Which sounds like a very not-acceptable sorry/not-sorry for the antisemitism.

Anyway, Karlyn Borysenko is just the funniest of characters, a supposedly former Democrat who was traumatized by BLM.  She's good friends apparently with anti-CRT grifter Chris Rufo.  I said grifter and I mean it. I would guess this chick is mostly a person we aren't going to hear from again except of course we will because these Prager bots are infinitely recyclable, because this supposed educational institution is about no such thing. It's wingnut welfare for demi-fascists. Who funds this shit, even? (obviously, similar to Koch Bros.)  She'll get paid to read from another script. (Unless she just went rogue like Lara Logan is alleged to, over at Fox News. But wait--there will be a rehabilitation.) 

This is how assholes spread fascistic memes like antisemitism. It isn't subtle to people looking out for it. But it still gets out there, and has an audience. 

This is why Prager U needs to be scattered to the winds. 

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