Tuesday, November 23, 2021

TWGB: The RNC Banana Stand


Once upon a time, I used to work irregular hours so I would catch these judge shows on daytime tv before work, and found that there was a common scenario of women who would trust these boyfriends who would just be down on their luck, and out of a job for a little while, and next thing they know, their dude's phone and car note is in their name and messing up their credit...

I guess what brings this to mind is that the RNC is footing the bill for some of former President Donald Trump's legal costs pertaining to his real estate business. The international, multi-billion dollar supposedly flush Trump Organization. 

Like, okay? Because, this is really quite wild to me:

The RNC is not paying some of the president’s other bills, such as those for his court battles over the House Jan. 6 committee’s requests, said the person familiar with the RNC’s decision. 
“As a leader of our party, defending President Trump and his record of achievement is critical to the GOP,” the party said in a written statement. “It is entirely appropriate for the RNC to continue assisting in fighting back against the Democrats’ never ending witch hunt and attacks on him.”

So get that? The stuff that has directly to do with his campaign (which would be their somewhat tangentially-related motive to pay for; especially since so many others in the party are involved, no?) they aren't interested in, and the stuff to do with his personal business they do?  Is that not backwards? Like, defend his "Stop the Steal" bullshit as just the cost of doing business with a grifter during a political campaign (totally legit political party expense) and let Trump sink his ownself over his admittedly lifelong shoddy business practices(avoiding inspection of whether a party leader was using political funds for a wholly personal business) --wouldn't that make more sense? 

I mean, it seems like Trump's business practices were bad and look bad. You've got your bank fraud on one hand, your tax fraud on the other. Assorted insurance frauds. It's fairly extensive. But Trump has only ever been involved in two elections! That we know about, because maybe he lent his notorious creative financing models to the RNC and they became a great dirty outlet for money laundering including from foreign/illicit sources (which is a fraught allegation I will leave to your dot-connecting abilities and stuff already federally charged about). 

So here's my ridiculous and probably just wildly speculative take on this: is it possible that the RNC is footing Trump's legal bills because he has something over them? Because really, a political party with any grit at all could cut loose a politician who lost his last election (badly!) and made a spectacle of himself in the process. Unless they thought he'd make a spectacle of them in return because they were a hollow, money-directed enterprise with no principles whatsoever. 

Just a thought. I mean, it's not like his first impeachment wasn't entirely about extortion, right?


UPDATE: It boringly enough could just be a bribe on the RNC's part to keep him from forming another party, but honestly? Do they think he's really capable? (I dunno. I would just like to see it.)


bt1138 said...

They know he's a vindictive asshole.

He'd burn them to the ground in an instant if it suited him. He does not give two shits about the GOP, it's him or nothing. They know this because it's an obvious fact about the guy.

They'd like to get rid of him, but they don't know how. He is a parasite.

Vixen Strangely said...

I keep saying that the only way the GOP gets him out is a united front: dump him all at once, air his dirty laundry, cut the life support systems. Not sporadically or looking like some group of never trumpers apart from the main herd. Draw one line in the sand, and that's it. It just takes a lot of what they don't have (guts, foresight, honesty...)

RAM said...

It shouldn't be forgotten that the Russians hacked the GOP's emails along with the Dems back in 2016. While they leaked the Dem emails, they never did release the GOP emails to anyone. Always wondered if those GOP legislators spending July 4, 2018 in Moscow had anything to do with that...

bill said...

The most obvious explanation is not wanting a POG president to be the first to be convicted and sent to prison. Hoping to drag it out until a Presidential pardon can be swung to end our long national nightmare once again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he has a pee tape on them...who knows

Glen Tomkins said...

What Trump has over them is that most of them were involved with him in seditious conspiracy planning 1/6. The higher up in their leadership the more likely that this is so, and the much more likely that their involvement was extensive.

Despite the fact that, just based on public knowledge, their involvement does not exactly require a conspiracy theory to hallucinate, making cases against them for seditious conspiracy is not going to be easy. You take DoJ caution, add to it D caution, and when our leadership looks at the fact that judges, juries, and DoJ's own prosecutorial staff are packed with Rs who believe that Trump Really Won, they have worries about obtaining convictions without really strong evidence. And if they prosecute and fail to get to conviction, on procedural grounds or because juries find innocence, well, of course the Rs are going to sell that as the judicial system having proven beyond question that these Rs were victims of a witch hunt.

So, if you're McCarthy ,or Hawley, or Cruz, or whoever coordinated strategy on the violence of 1/6 and how that might have been exploited successfully to steal the election for Trump, you are pretty well protected against any prospect of prosecution. The one chink in your armor, the one kind of evidence that maybe could send you to prison essentially forever, would be Trump blabbing about conversations he had with you planning 1/6. It is absolutely the highest priority right now for their party, their movement, and keeping their own asses out of prison, to keep Trump out of any situation in which prosecutors can force him to sell them all out to get a lighter sentence.

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