Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Wall Street Journal Publishes Fake News

Sure, it's the Opinion page. But is that a distinction the people who really want to believe are inclined to make?

Trump is a liar and a sore loser who has been complaining about the election being rigged since before the election even took place. The narrative serves the GOP, but it is deeply irresponsible and is doing real harm to the process and to people.  But it is still a lie.  And rather than even publish this nonsense from the former (FAILED!) one-term president, it would have far, far better to have declined his rantings.

There may have been people who have done more harm to US politics than Rupert Murdoch, but truly, he and his media outlets have done more enough.

UPDATES: Of course, Fox News is not to be one-upped in the shameless lying department, and Tucker Carlson is apparently about to present a case that January 6 was a false flag. Because of course he is.  I wonder if he's concerned that anyone associated with Rep. Jim Banks' office was involved?

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