Wednesday, September 15, 2021

They Can't Recall

So all this to-do established that the very Democratic state of California wanted to keep their governor, and that they did not want a Republican. Oh. Good. Glad that's settled (she snarked, cynically).

Of course bad actors and hard-core Republican partisans will still have some silliness to say about it. Silliness about voter fraud is frankly what they've got. (And the caviling started a little prematurely, didn't it?) But it wasn't even close. That's not a plausible steal, that's a beating. And I just have a funny old opinion about unsupported claims: if they're questionable, question them, and if they're ridiculous--ridicule them. 

The GOP could use this expensive exercise as a learning opportunity, but I'm afraid the takeaway is nothing they'll recall later.

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