Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, May 9, 2021

On the Spot


The problem with the truth is, it's already been demonstrated that Republicans are going to punish people who bother to acknowledge it. The problem with the Big Lie is, it isn't true. Also, it probably doesn't help them. Trump is a bitter sore loser who isn't getting any younger or more popular, but a generation of politicians have decided this is what they mean to do with themselves. Just....lie. For the sake of a twice-impeached deadbeat with no sense of loyalty who encouraged an insurrection and incompetently allowed hundreds of thousands to die in a pandemic on his watch. MD Gov. Larry Hogan likened it to a "circular firing squad" on "Meet the Press" and he has a point. 

A quick review of Twitter tells me the Big Lie has a lot of True Believers out there, and you know what would probably fix that? More people not lying

Oh it could get uglier before it gets better. They fed a gullible but tractable group of folks a lie and ammunition, and then became hostages of the lie they told because the radicalized folks aren't tractable anymore and some are heavily armed. They aren't just scared of losing leadership position or primaries--it's a hell of a dangerous set-up they've laid for themselves--the back-stabbing legend. 

And fuck them very much for it, since Democrats are also in this hostage situation. 

But otherwise, Party of Lincoln, how are you enjoying your Flight 93 elections? 

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