Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Cyber Ninja Eats Bamboo, Shoots and Leaves

I've been snarking about stuff on the internet for a long time now, but we have moved from "No one on the internet knows you're a dog" to "The dog money is good money", so I might be getting old and confused. But I do know what a grift looks like, and this incompetent silly-ass stuff looks like one to me. And politicians who support it are actually worse

UPDATE: And let's look at who is funding this shameful thing, hmm? It's as partisan as it gets, folks. Even the stunt-pullers are starting to feel a little sheepish. And the DOJ has some very reasonable concerns


Victor said...

LOL on the title* for this post, Vixen!
I heard one of the late-night comedians joke that instead of using UV (or flash, or pen) lights to try to see if the paper has watermarks on it, or bamboo in it, bring in a panda.
If the panda eats the paper, "VOILA!!!":
Chinese scam (though we know that even if the panda eats a few reams of the damn paper, there's still NO scam!).
And if the panda doesn't, just do what you RepubliKKKLANS always do:
Lie and say it does.
Hell, lying's the only thing you evil assclowns are good at!

*BTW, I wanted to get that book on grammar when it first came out, but never got around to it.
I could use it, because the major issue I have in our "AmerEnglish grammar, is the obnoxious apostrophe.
I HATE the little fuckers!!!!! (...fucker's ?).
And yes, over the years I've tried studying the damn things by buying Strunk & White and other usage manuals.
But nothing sticks.
Maybe it's because the first language I spoke when I was a kid, Russian (I'm 1st generation), doesn't use these marks (mark's, ? OY!) of Satan.
Neither does Ukrainian, my 2nd language.
Nor does German, my 3rd.
By the time I went to Kindergarten and AmerEnglish was plopped in my already overloaded linguistic plate, I was rather "possessive" of the grammar in the "plurality" of my other tongue's (no ', ? OY!).
Maha, at her great site (mahablog), has tried to "learn" me some "apostrophical" grammar.
No luck.
oh well...
Enjoy your weekend!!! :-)

bt1138 said...

They are definitely approaching their "Burn the Village Down in order to Save It" moment.