Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, March 5, 2021


This woman is out of her damn mind if she thinks this is how you bring your unserious ass to the US Senate and pretend you scored points making not one thing better for anyone. I guessed that she was disingenuous in her response regarding the filibuster, but now I flat-out think she's a fake. It wouldn't cost her damn thing politically to do what's right. She isn't keeping her liberal support stunting like this for what? Five confused McCain Republicans? And even if this thing was a hard decision, she could have done the world a favor and acted like it instead of coming out like an overgrown high school child. 

She can just decide not to run again and spare someone the expense of primarying her if this is how little she thinks about doing it right, because that was disappointing.

UPDATE:  Criticizing her about this is apparently supposed to be sexist

Sinema’s office responded to a question about the gesture by making the absurd claim that the inquiry is sexist. “Commentary about a female senator’s body language, clothing, or physical demeanor does not belong in a serious media outlet,” Hannah Hurley, a spokesperson for Sinema, told HuffPost.
No. It would be sexist to have two different standards, and I honestly think pulling out sexism on this particular gesture is a shame and a distraction from what makes it bad. It's bad because it looked like she was happy to vote against a pay raise that would lift millions of people, many of them women and working families, out of poverty. I support women, but I don't support foolishness from women because I don't support foolishness from anyone, and especially not regarding things that matter. 

Raising the minimum wage--now that would support women, because they would be better able to support themselves with the money they make. That's good old fashioned "feminism goals", not this "breaking the internet" and "yas queen"-ing people for their style over their substance.

UPDATE: Just to add, she's one of eight Democrats who voted against increasing the minimum wage, and of course, it could be part of a separate bill, but like, why? It's overdue to be increased, it would significantly improve the finances of people working right now, it gets money circulating, and it actually cuts government spending in some respects because people need less aid, because they get money from work. Maybe tying it to COVID relief is problematic, but income inequality is responsible for the impact COVID-19 has had and this remediates that.  I don't see why this one has to be hard.

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