Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here's a Deplorable!

This lovable old codger just wants you to know that the world would be a better place if Hillary Clinton actually was married to a spousal abuser with homicidal tendencies as in--he thinks it's great when uppity women are killed by their partners because: bitches.

Bask in the knowledge that in the Trump milieu  this is probably not that uncommon a sentiment, going right along with the "Lock her up" and "Firing squad" comments. These are the simple sons of the night soil who think that Clinton "did" Benghazi, as in, pulled on her camouflage pantsuit and sensible combat ballet flats, and went to town on a US embassy which housed a friend of hers.  These are the people who think she probably invited other women to do stuff to her husband, because she was too busy assassinating business associates to get around to being wifely.

Yeah. That's actually deplorable. That's actually sickening. It's ignorant-on-purpose. These are the people I want to deliver the world's biggest "Shush, mature folks are speaking" to. This old-ass man who thinks domestic violence that leads to murder is fun, fun, funny? Is anything but funny to me. This is the story of women in unhappy homes too much of the time, and no one should wish it on anyone.  This is the story of women dying because they are deemed disposable when they cease to please.

This is a white man exulting over the concept of a black man killing a liberal woman because he ascribes to some deeply wrong ideas about how social justice works, how race and gender disparities should be pitted against each other, how women need to shut up because worse can happen to us.

This is probably a guy who thinks being "deplorable" is funny, too. If only he knew how true it was! He's ridiculous, and deplorable. And too old, most likely, to fix any of it. A pity. Does his wife know he thinks spousal abuse and killing women is funny? Ach! Maybe she hates Hillary too! And it's just fine, if it's just Hilz.

I can't wish worse on anyone than being this. This is the worst. This man is maybe someone's grampy, and he is the worst.

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Satchel said...

"Sons of the night soil" is funny.

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