Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ann Coulter's Next-level Schtick

THIS Pope's philosophy of worshiping the poor, blaming the rich leads to Latin American poverty. American Catholicism leads to success.
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) September 23, 2015

There's something that hovers in the vicinity of endearing about the desperate note with which Ann Coulter begs for relevance these days. At the top of her form, she overcompensated for the weakness of her arguments with a kind of bravado that double-dog-dared motherfuckers to search her footnotes. Search those goddamn citations. Read the damn footnotes. We gonna take scalps and make a fucker say "Republican Jesus". The creepy undertone existed, of course, but people could sort of ignore it.

And it feels like it's harder to do that, anymore.

Sure, I've been noticing her decline for a little while. But in the Age of Trump, she's become more grating and less fey about her extremism/or performance art of same.

A rigorous read of Latin American history might make one skeptical of the relative benefits of Catholicism in several instances. But the neo-colonialism of the industrial revolution that wrought the worst of the income inequality issue was driven by a purely WASP Puritan work ethic. Which is why the "Electra of the Right Wing Father Figure Perpetually Betrayed who tried to resurrect McCarthy with her dry-ass reptile tears"' hero Ronaldus Magnus and his Volken supported every nun-and baby-killer right-wing fascist Latin America ever had--to keep the spice flowing.

I feel her pain. I do. But it doesn't affect me with other than a kind of cheerleading glee for her to take her philosophy, finally detached from any umbilicus of reason, and spike it across the ultimate endzone and at last, go ahead and go full-frontal-fascist. Not because I never saw it coming.  Because of the slackjaws who thought she was okay and never saw it coming. Because it was never not there to begin with.

Her Tweet is the philosophy that killed Father Romero. Her ignorance is beyond lampoon. The irony of her performance escapes the right-wing audience she's always performed for. It only makes a kind of sense to us lefties. And the worst kind. But no, Ann. I understand.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It doesn't help that Uncle Sam was willing to kill peasants on behalf of the fruit companies. It's not Catholicism that was keeping Latin America down, it was continuing the slave plantation system with an outsourced wage-slave plantation system.

Anonymous said...

Coulter has become the definitive 21st-century Know Nothing.

See “First, Jews; Now, Catholics?” at

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