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Friday, June 12, 2015

Ann Coulter Would Make Susan B. Anthony Gag

Ann Coulter has been visible lately, so I guess she has another book out. Her style has always been kind of appalling to me in the sense that she's like a toddler who has learned the word "fuck" and is completely delighted when people gasp at the things she says. She is encouraged by negative attention--it's all good. So if she says that fat girls shouldn't be allowed to immigrate to the US (I'm not persuaded she was joking about that) or that disabled people should not be able to become US citizens, it's a little hard to separate her toddler-like delight in receiving gasps from the serious people from her honest views (if she has any), but I really despise her when she says things like women's voting rights should be taken away.

That isn't even funny. Arguing for the disenfranchisement of just a hair over half of the eligible voting pool--all of them citizens in good standing, people obliged to pay taxes, serve on juries, and observe the various laws of the land, is nonsensical--but it certainly isn't funny. Women marched, starved, put their bodies on the line, for the right to have a say in politics. That obnoxious elitist Coulter can indicate that its quite alright for token ladies to run for office, or for some ladies to write books (of the most edifying and moral nature, I'm sure!) isn't even connected to reality. What she is fiddling with in saying women should be locked out of the vote, is what Susan B. Anthony articulated best--issues of our very citizenship and personhood.

She appalls (well, me, obviously) with her facile, show-offy, disingenuous, superficial, highly partisan bullshit. And as she gets older and more desperate for attention, she only becomes more disturbingly provocative. Is this working for her, somehow, still?

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Formerly Amhert said...

Hi Vixen, as an old veteran of Rumproast, I find it remarkable that such a question would actually be asked. What I have seen done to Sarah Palin and the language and satire that was used frankly match and exceed anything I have heard Ann Coulter say.

This is one of the problems with mind control propaganda. One side excoriates the other side in the most reprehensible language possible. And then called on it, they innocently proclaim, “Yeah but we're speaking the truth!” As the old Zen teaching tells us, an eyeball can see everything but itself. They are so naive and thoughtless, they have yet to realize they may be progenitors of the very same qualities they despise in others. This was Jung's teaching on the part of the psyche he referred to as the “shadow”. An older occultist referred to it as the “lesser dweller on the threshold”.

Anyway, it's a yin/yang world. (I prefer Qaballistic/qlipothic as I feel it is a fuller explanation, though more complicated, so I'll stick with yin/yang.

As you know, there is a wavy line between the white and the black. And in the black side there is a spot of white, and in the white side there is a spot of black. Wavy line suggests that one thing automatically gets to a point and starts turning into the other side. Political positions become so inflamed and propagandized that they automatically start to become the opposite if they do not stop in time.

You'll notice that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just stopped President Obama from his continual attempt at government overreach. This is not the first time that Democrats have had to put a stop to the president.

All of this is one of the reasons that Bob used to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and ask, “Am I a useful idiot yet?”