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Monday, June 1, 2020

President Fishtits

It's just as well that Trump has been hunkering in his bunker lately, as it looks more and more like there is very little he is capable of constructively doing. He can threaten antifa (which looks pointless, but which, as I said when it was Ted Cruz's dumb idea, holds the potential for partisan mischief--which may well be the point).

I've found myself thinking of Trump lately as President Fishtits--like tits on a fish, he's useless and doesn't belong there.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Greetings, Vivacious.

Today the stock market is up. What this means is that the markets have already discounted all of this unrest and decided that it will not hurt commerce outside of the short term. (Incidentally, the economic indicators you should be looking at are things like the consumer price index, the producer price index, housing starts, auto sales, consumer confidence, and a host of others that are actually the ones that tell you how people are feeling about the economy.)

You might be correct in principle, but not in specific designation of authority. The governors of each state are the ones responsible for dealing with the unrest, not the president. Particularly blue-state governors have been reluctant to call in the National Guard. They often feel that many of their voters have a sympathy for the rioters, and they don't want to hurt their re-election chances by squashing the problem. Naturally, like most appeasement, this ultimately backfires, but people do not learn easily.

Unlike the American military, the National Guard has the power to arrest. So they not only can squash the riots, but can also arrest people when they need to. Mostly they try to leave the arrest to the police department.

After a city has declared a curfew then there is a legal basis for arrests to take place, because those out on the street after curfew are in violation of the law.

The President was on the phone to the governors telling them that they are weak and that they need to call in the National Guard. He is telling people that rioters in leadership roles should be charged and sent away for 10 years. He is pushing reluctant governors out of their inaction which ultimately is a good thing.

With the designation of ANTIFA and possibly others as terrorists legal machinery will enable law enforcement to find out what the sources of funding are (often other countries) and to round up the ringleaders and prosecute them with stiffer sentences as the outcome.

The flash point is visible, but the future looks good.