Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Don Jr. Is Exceptionally Gross

The first sentence has 14 words, and the 88% figure is not accurate, but damn cute. The rhetoric about "repopulation" seems to come from the same scary place as the citronella citizen's brigades' "Jews will not replace us"  for a concept of "replace" where brown people (refugees) are welcomed into a community and somehow white people are supposed to mysteriously disappear. I don't actually know that there is an anticipated whitey-shortage in Maine anytime soon, or what is supposed to happen to them. It might involve sewer-clowns; I am not privy to all dumbfuckistan mental shenanigans.

This kind of thing isn't really brand-new for Jr., though. I mean, it super-really isn't.  You can let pundits belabor themselves over whether Trump the Elder's casual bigotry is a work or a shoot, but with Don the Lesser it seems to be pretty much his pathetic actual deal.

His girlfriend, late of Fox News, is also pretty freaking gross, based on her "Star Wars cantina" comments, which appear to be a dig at diversity, and obnoxious "Pocohontas" nonsense, because of course.

Some people think that the Jr. Trump is thinking of setting himself up for some kind of political run, and some hope Mueller has a little legal surprise for him. I don't know what to expect: I just think he's a weird little man who tries too hard to get his namesake's love, as if his ma told him who his real daddy was and it was somehow even more disappointing than being an actual Trump.

(Not that I'm saying his mother was dishonest, his putative father a cuck, or Don Jr. is a shameful bastard. I'm just saying he's very gross and nothing would surprise me.)


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I have to wonder if he actually runs his Twitter account, or if he delegates it to an even Nazi-er staffer. I don't think he's cunning enough to have come up with that 14-88 bit.

Vixen Strangely said...

If Jr. had enough free time on his hands, I think he could. And given the family business model is inheritance, grifting, and foreign cash infusions, he might get just as much "executive time" as his Pappy.