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Friday, November 2, 2018

Questions for Ted Cruz

Does Ted Cruz Tweet something like this because (1) he doesn't like his internal polling very much or (2) because he doesn't like himself very much? Because it just seems to me you'd had to be some kind of schmuck to shoot past "George Soros and the Democrats" are funding the caravan (which, as I've pointed out, makes no sense--not before an election we sure as hell wouldn't have!) to "my opponent is funding them"--when it should be clear these are desperately poor people walking a couple thousand miles because...

They have nothing. They aren't funded: they have nothing. And whatever someone might want to do for them might be considered one's moral duty to help the least of us. If one ever believed in such a thing.

UPDATE: Ah--apparently, Cruz's calumny was based on an O'Keefe lie, and O'Rourke's staffers were discussing a donation to charity that was being conflated with the caravan. Cruz and O'Keefe are entirely made of bullshit.

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