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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Governor Jindal is Stupid-Partying Again

For a guy who once sincerely seemed incensed about the GOP being "the stupid party", it seems sad to me that LA Gov. Bobby Jindal can't seem to keep away from the stupid. Continuing on the theme of otherizing Muslims in an attempt to seem serious about national security, Jindal makes two claims in a short period that are both pretty much bullshit: that President Obama is not "doing his job" and going after ISIL's leadership, and that Muslim clerics are not adequately condemning ISIL.

The timing of this assertion happens to coincide with a raid on ISIL in Syria (where ISIL seems to have been more active and less directly challenged) that killed a senior leader of ISIL, Abu Sayyaf and resulted in the capture of his wife, Umm Sayyaf and the freeing of their young Yazidi slave. It's like Jindal also suffers from the odd habit of mind that causes someone like, say, TX Rep. Lamar Smith, to believe that nothing is being done about ISIL, while of course, the US is doing actions against them, albeit ones that have not been authorized by an act of Congress.

I think Governor Jindal might be a little confused about whom is not doing what job, hmm? The US has been doing something about ISIL, along with a coalition of area (read: Islamic) forces.

And for that matter--if he did not notice that the US, Jordan, KSA, et als are fighting ISIL already, then perhaps that explains how he does not know about the Muslim clerics who indeed have denounced the radical, murderous regime ISIL intends to be.

How is it possible for someone to be this wrong and this ignorant about a subject when thinking about running for president? Is he unable to read newspapers, perhaps? Does he exist in some place where cable news never troubles him with images of things that are happening in the world around him? Or is he pandering to white, Christian xenophobes that he hopes will vote for him precisely because he was stupid in exactly the way that they would be receptive to? If a person with his education is so purblind, how unfortunate. If he is willing to be so cynically deceptive, how disgraceful.

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