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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rep. Lamar Smith is the Problem

Vixen, you may be thinking, the problem?Texas Congressman Lamar Smith is certainly "a" problem, but he can't actually be "the" problem all by himself?

And you would be right, Dear Reader, because no one person is, all by themselves, the whole entire problem. He is just a profound example of the problem. One of the best examples. And no, not just because he's one of those science-denying, fossil-fuel industry paid-for seat warmers. Although that's totally true. It's because he doesn't believe anything he doesn't want to--and here's some proof, via Right Wing Watch, do be a love and click the link. Here's some of what he said, though:

"One might hope that he would be a little bit more responsive and a little bit more assertive and, frankly, trying to assert American power and provide weapons to individuals who are our allies, for example, or take actions to stop the atrocities that are occurring, or support other nations that are doing more than we are. But the president is doing none of these things," Smith continued.
The attempted genocide of the Yazidis was prevented by US airstrikes. Arms were air-dropped to Kurds fighting ISIL in October. The US has led the airstrikes against ISIL and done the lion's share. Somewhere around 1600 ISIL fighters have been killed. How does he not know this?

Or let me reframe that a bit--how does some idiot get elected to the US Congress who claims they care about this country, and yet has no idea what our military is doing abroad?

That is the problem.  And I'm pretty sure this damnfool has a safe seat, too.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

nd, frankly, trying to assert American power and provide weapons to individuals who are our allies

This is how ISIS came to exist in the first place.

mikey said...

Oh, this is all very routine Obama-hate. A better example of your premise would be the verbal gymnastics Orin Hatch is going through regarding King v. Burwell and public statements about subsidies he's made in the past.

THAT, mi amigo, is sui generis...

Vixen Strangely said...

I think the difference between Sen Hatch and Rep Smith is that Hatch is going through his tap-dance for a recognizable policy goal and probably is aware of the needle he's threading--it's a standard level of deceit. Rep Smith, on the other hand, is either incredibly ignorant about what is going on in the world, or has such a hatred for Obama that it's like the event-horizon of a black hole, where entire facts (birth certificates, killing Bin Laden, airstrikes against ISIL) just get vacuumed away. The Hatch example is shitty politics, sure. The Smith example is pathological.