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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rep. Steve King is a Jackass

 When someone like Iowa Rep. Steve King says anything at all about anti-Muslim discrimination, you brace yourself. Is he for it or agin' it? I sort of think he's for it. But his latest pronouncement on the subject is that it simply does not exist.  Iowa Republican Steve King does not think that there has been any discrimination against people who are of the Muslim faith.  To his way of thinking, this kind of thing doesn't happen. And maybe he doesn't even think anyone is keeping statistics about this.
As with Gov. Jindal, his assertion certainly seems to run counter to certain current events. A plot to terrorize, if not massacre, an Islamic community in NY, was recently uncovered.

That's right. Some anti-Muslim propaganda-stuffed wanker who once made a legitimate bid for political office, was going to make a jihad against the quaint black Muslim community of Islamberg.

Sometimes I wonder if anti-Islam sentiment in the US is more than not race-based. I've discussed the idea of the Muslim-baiting of President Obama as being racialist at its core. But a lot of our homegrown practitioners of Islam come from the tradition of Noble Drew Ali and Wallace Fard Muhammad. They aren't Arab. They have nothing to do with US/ME policy.

I will not pretend I understand all the things about America and the way that lamp beside the golden door doesn't mean everybody. Of course native born Islamists and immigrants of the Book have faced discrimination. How asinine to suppose otherwise.

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mikey said...

American hatred for Muslims is partially racial, but it's also sectarian, which is why it's more OK to verbalize that hate than it would be if they were just talking about Arabs or Africans. As a nation, we're VERY tribal, and while we've made outright racist discourse unacceptable in most public venues, you can still hate Muslims, Gays, atheists - any organized group whose identity or ideology crosses racial boundaries...