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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Speaker of Nothing Will Most Likely Abide

You know, deep down, I want to believe that the Congress, as currently constituted, still understands that Rep. Ted Yoho is a dunce and Rep. Louie Gohmert is floridly delusional.  And I mean, floridly.  They are both avid batshit peddlers, and in their way, could each advance aspects of conservatism as it now exists in ways we would be frankly astounded by, as if yokels at a freakshow. (Did I mention the Speaker of the House is third in line for Chief executive in the ultimate emergency where the top two are disposed of?)

Still and all, I think batshittery will give way to experience, and despite the regular dunking of the only adult in the GOP  Kiddie pool, Boehner  will continue his tenure of pulling snouts out of the water. It seems thankless. I bet it is.

And maybe there's an off-chance the GOP lottery will draw a non-House GOP
stalwart, like Ted Cruz (I know they like him, anyway--at least he isn't dipstick dumb and batshit cray, amirite?)  Also Ted Cruz is way down with the House GOP.

Not sure what it means when I am wishing Cruz for a leadership position, but OMG--I know Boehner is dysfunctional, but Yoho and Gohmert are not capable persons. Anything but one of them.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, if my understanding is correct, the two proposed candidates to challenge Boehner are not actually trying to become Speaker. Naturally, they would take the job if that eventuated.

They are seeking a preliminary vote which will probably fail. I believe they need to get something like 30 votes, give or take some votes, so another vote can go forward that would actually be for the Speaker's position. So this is a vote to see whether there can be a vote.

I'm sure you've read all the stats about this last election. In the House this was the most resounding victory since the 1800s. A lot of records were broken with the enthusiastic support that Republicans have received.

This huge vote was a direct repudiation of many initiatives by the President. Naturally now the right would like to see their elected representatives acting in response to the votes we have given them.

You know, one of the reasons that the controversy of blacks in opposition to police does not have much to do with red states (it rare exists in our territory) is that many of us have other problems that supersede blue state's blacks against cops.

Along the border we have an absolutely desperate need to stop illegal immigration. Drugs and violence that are part of this illegal movement are importing a level of viciousness rarely seen in the US. Some of the newly elected have promised to vigorously oppose the President's immigration initiatives. In addition, cheap labor brings labor costs down and keeps the Chamber of Commerce from having to hire American workers.

Along the border, our problem is with citizens in opposition to illegal immigrants, not cops versus blacks.

There are other issues like this that millions of Americans from both sides have voted against. Labor unions are not crazy about cheap labor any more than citizens who are simply looking for a normal wage when they hire on to do the jobs that illegals will do cheaper.

We want solutions and the party is secondary. Some of the newly elected officials are promising to support us in our quest to fight crime and encourage fair labor practices.

The proposed vote would simply be a symbolic gesture trying to stiffen the resolve of Republicans to fulfill the promises they made to secure one of the biggest vote outpourings in our history.

I think it would be a mistake to see this in terms of the usual “us against them” kind of situation. At least in the red states many of your normally Democratic supporters also feel the sting of unreasonable policies and voted with Republicans.