Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Medical Rabbit Hole


The White House released a letter from President Biden's physician explaining that he has no signs of Parkisonism and that has had no neurological exams outside of his regular physicals. You might think that would be enough, but as it happens--nothing is ever enough. James Comer will need to examine what dealings the doctors may have had with the "the Biden crime family."  Armchair experts will determine what news spots show video of "real Biden" and when there is a double with a Biden mask being used (this is a real Qanon thing already).

People will make jokes like "Cannard--there's a quack." Etc. The "fine people" who brought us Swift boating, Benghazi, "but her emails..." etc. just don't sleep. The effort spent "debunking" half the time spreads the bunk. Like Obama's birth certificate didn't "really" end birtherism, once rumor and lies get spread about anything, it's hard to get the toothpaste back in the tube.

There's something for the people who diagnosed Biden from their mainstream media jobs to chew on. 

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Ten Bears said...

Other than a single, rare obscure blog comment, it isn't worth wasting my mind over ...

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