Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Place Your Bets on the Debate, Folks....


When CNN's Kasie Hunt cut off Karoline Leavitt's rant about Jake Tapper, MAGAs got mad and former WH aide Alyssa Farrah Griffin said that Leavitt showed "poor message discipline."  But I don't think it's poor message discipline--"Everything is rigged against Trump" is the message, and she stayed on point. What she wanted to do was create a pretext for Trump to claim he can't get a fair shake (even though he agreed to the debate and the terms of the debate) and back out. Most indignantly!

Even if the real reason he's backing out is because he's a) losing it and b) a scared bitch. CNN, the whole network, has been long targeted as a Trump enemy--since before he took office!  His followers will not question his motives. They are accustomed to his bullshit and prefer it over being informed.

This is why they listen to bullshit artists like Steve Bannon and think people like Alex Jones or James O'Keefe III are free speech heroes. (Even if it sounds to me a bit like the defensiveness of a drunk being advised to switch to club soda...) 

Even if Trump shows, he has already laid the seeds for how unfair everything is going to be to him. For a biblical tilt on the narrative: he's Daniel going into the lion's den. He will be cheered by the fan club for not getting eaten.

Take the "drug test" Trump has floated, with regular "injections" of lies and innuendo about what sort of "drugs" Biden will be on to appear well-spoken and informed (which is....just already is?) 

If Biden refuses Trump can back out. If Biden says "Yes" but Trump also has to take one, Trump can claim the drug tests are "rigged" and back out. It's just bullshit, bullshit, bullshit all the way down, because this is TrumpWorld. 

And Trump's various enablers will make any of the above scenarios into EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP WANTED. Trump limbos under the most minimum standards and we have come to expect that from him. Worse, his fans expect that from him and like it that way. 

You have to reject his frames and TrumpWorld's frame from the start: Trump is just a regular candidate, and he has to do stuff he doesn't like to do. He's a convicted felon and it's because he lost in a court of law because the facts were against him. If he bitches about the election being stolen the proof, which he doesn't have, is on him. He should be openly mocked for every dumb rigged claim--the German servers, Italian satellites and the bamboo ballots. The super-soldier serum that turns Sleepy Joe into Dar Brandon. The whole stupid  TrumpWorld belief system. 

Everything is rigged? Yeah. Life is rigged against losers. If Trump wants to play the victim--fine, but you can't be talking about all the wins you don't have while being the victim. You can't create a moral victory where no morals apparently exist. If he backs out--mock him. If he shows up--ditto. 

This is the way he wants it. Well. He gets it. 


Dan Kleiner said...

then there's the elephant in the room: dingus con is a convicted felon. he HAS to take a drug test. dark brandon, not so much. and i like the logic that suggests that biden has a chemical concoction that represses his (alleged) dementia, but he's ONLY used it ONCE before, at the state of the union address.

it's got a very similar vibe to their bullshit that the democrats rigged the PRESIDENTIAL election but forgot to give themselves majorities in the house and senate. funny how that works.

Ten Bears said...

If he shows expect a Gish Gallop of lies sucking all the air out of the room, flooding the zone with shit. And I'm taking outside odds he'll attack Joe from behind with a folding chair ala world wrestling 1980s ...

Vixen Strangely said...

I'm simply not going to forget that he probably knew he had COVID at the first debate 4 years ago, came late to avoid a test at the debate, maaaayyyybee trying to spread it to his opponent, and then told the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by".

I don't think anything is beneath him.

Dan Kleiner said...

oh, i don't think there's any doubt, vix. fiberache was huffing, puffing and bellowing at the top of his lungs. his entire brood took the front row seats sans masks. they were DEFINITELY trying to infect biden.

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