Sunday, May 26, 2024

Trump Talking to Libertarians Did Not Go Well


Now, Trump is just enjoying the latitude of his pre-felon days.  He will most likely receive convictions by-and-by. The whole thing where Trump thought it would be great to talk to the Libertarian Party and try to win them over was kind of frustrated by his own teams' efforts. They planted MAGAs in the NY Young Republicans in Libertarian seats and got stroppy about protest shows like rubber chickens asking Trump to debate Bob (Kennedy--naturally). It was not great. 

Trump got uniformly booed--but who is speaking up for him? His Renfields

Look at Senator Mike Lee, head shaven, about to bang a tambourine to collect money for this entire asshole at the airport:

What if, instead of Biden being dumb enough to do that, he was smart enough to not do that, which is actually being better than Trump is, because Trump is a desperate little fuck trying to stay out of prison?  Because Trump doing that was very desperate and dumb?  And Mike Lee's desperate clinging to Trump's unraveling bolero coattails is very embarrassing. For him, even if he is too stupid to feel it.

This is the cult-like ethos of "Trump cannot fail, he can only be failed." 

We're used to a certain level of TrumpWorld embellishment about crowd size--like the Bronx rally lies. This was an actual disaster--he couldn't seed his MAGAs in the crowd adequately to counter the actual Libertarians, and he couldn't avoid going off-script and negging them. 

They aren't my political cup of tea, but that doesn't make them stupid. They did not love being told their candidates get 3% anymore than Trump should love having done this because he has to hustle after points. They booed Mike Lee because they see the tyranny. 

MAGAS are going to MAGA over this, but it was just demonstrably bad:

Look Trump can rig polls,  and he's probably still doing that. He wants to claim he's won even if he loses, big time, because he is off-putting and has no practical solutions to anything and just blathers. Maybe it's fun for him to believe that he can just bullshit his way into making people like him, and the shuffling, bent, toadying people around him let him think that--but that isn't the real world, is it? 

He's a multiply-indicted, twice-impeached, court-certified sex pest. And everything he does suggests he does not recognize the laws of the country he wants to run. 

He deserved the boos he got, and if we could organize the same every damn where he goes, maybe he wouldn't feel something akin to "shame" because his shame glands have never worked, but he could feel that he is not welcome or loved, and should fucking crawl into a goddamn hole. 

I think that hole should be something like "prison." But I will entertain multiple humiliating ends to his story. 


Ten Bears said...

I think there will be a loud boom when the air rushes into the vacuum left when he disappears so fast the air rushing into the vacuum left by his disappearing results in a loud report, a boom ~ not unlike with those old teevee tubes imploded

And I think it's already happening, just not fast enough for those of us glued to it ...

chrome agnomen said...

'it is already happening', yes. unfortunately, the residue from this 'movement' (in all senses of the word} will be that destructive 'hubris of embracing ignorance' that so permeates the base.

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