Friday, May 17, 2024

Justice Alito Should Pack it In


If ultra-conservative SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito (and family) feels so thin-skinned about the burden of the public commenting on the job he's doing (which affects all Americans, and no shit people are rightly concerned) , so much so that the US flag, inverted, was flown on his lawn like a cry for help or a signal that it was time for a revolution (or insurrection), if his bias has become so apparent that people deem it fit that he recuse himself from the most important cases relating to the preservation of our republic and the continued relevance of the Constitution as well as the court on which he sits (what the whole hell else is the "presidential immunity" question?), then he can really do us a favor and retire. 

Before the election, thanks. Because apparently, elections make him just too emotional, and as a nation, we've already had two long national nightmares over that sort of thing. 

No, truly. While we may never determine who it was that leaked the Dobbs decision and may never really appreciate why he felt the need to pre-but a ProPublica story with such fervor or why he, Joe Wilson-like, had to comment during a State of the Union Address. I only know that the flag revelation (three and a half years later but not at all denied by the jurist, only blamed on his wife) feels like an indication of partisan bias and part of a pattern. 

If the gentleman from Trenton, NJ wants to express his strong political principals, it would be as a retired citizen that he can finally break free from his cocoon of judicial silence and be the madcap conservative butterfly he was meant to be. Feud with his neighbors. Heckle Democrats. Live it up. But as it appears he is, quite possibly, liable to put his sore old thumb on the scales of justices regarding a certain Republican candidate because these are the kinds of things he wants to do, maybe he needs to bow out of a game he doesn't even seem to have fun playing. 

Maybe Clarence Thomas can join him and they can take vacations together, touring Walmart parking lots in their RVs. Wouldn't that be nice? Like a buddy movie! 

But I think the character of the court is tainted and it would be great if as a nation, we did have faith in our long-standing institutions--and he doesn't even seem to have that. 

So off, well and truly, he can pop.

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