Monday, March 4, 2024

The Nikki Haley Case


Although Kristin Welker is in some ways, Chuck Todd but different, in addition to her idiotic claim this morning that Trump "allegedly" tried to overturn the 2020 election as if he didn't do it on live tv, she managed to tease out of Nikki Haley an admission of sorts that she might not support Trump for president despite the loyalty pledge the GOP imposed on its candidates. 

This is something I wanted to hear, not because I support Nikki Haley, but because I need to see Republicans walk away from Trump because our national security and national sanity depends on it. 

Trump said he didn't want Nikki Haley people to sign on to his campaign. They were "permanently barred." What is that supposed to mean? Is that like when Kari Lake said she didn't need the "McCain Republicans", lost her election, and then got so groveling she nearly begged Meghan McCain to not treat her like the dirt that she is? 

I feel like he gave her all the off ramp she needed to never do his business again. 

Here's the thing--Democrats had their criticisms, but we didn't hate McCain. We don't hate Romney, We have a place for discussions with the Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski voices in the party.  Because they can work with us, A world where Lindsay Graham is booed even while he supports Trump and James Lankford gets called a RINO just because he can work across the aisle in a truly conservative cause feels anti-American.  

Nikki Haley "lost" the MO convention (no votes released, so we will never know how she really fared) and won DC.

Should TrumpWorld see that as problematic? 

Her lane is with the "Never Trumpers" and an embrace of democracy even if that means supporting Democrats for now, until the Republican Trump fever passes, because what was her party isn't any more. 

Does she get that? I think it's getting closer. Because I don't like to admit this, but while the decline of the GOP is what they deserve, if they rebooted and got sane it would change the course of this country so much. Figuring out the whole Koch Brothers, CPAC, Claremont, Heritage, whackass griftopia at the center of the deviation of GOP policies from regular people values would be a great start. 

I live in forlorn hopes all the time. 

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