Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Knowing Truth from a Lie


Yulia Navalnaya has been by her husband's side while Putin's government poisoned him, lied about him, arrested him, imprisoned and tortured him, and finally, murdered him. She knows truth from a lie. Her mother-in-law has gone to collect to body of her son--the authorities would not like to release it, because a body can tell a story. Alexei Navalny's brother is now threatened with new charges

The truth is, Putin cannot bear opposition. The flowers left for the martyr are swept away from sight, and so are the protesters. And the flowers return, and sometimes, the protesters will. This is the country Tucker Carlson extolled because of its supermarkets, one where a dual citizen is accused of treason for sending $51 to a humanitarian aid fund for Ukraine. 

This is a country that commits heinous acts against humanity

And they are responsible for actual election interference here in the United States with respects to our presidential elections, especially. We know this is actually true about the 2016 election, despite all the right-wing foofaraw. And it's starting to look like there was definite election interference in the 2020 election by Russians just as many former intelligence officials believed. Because now we know from an indicted witness that they had contacts with Russian intelligence who passed on "dirt" on Hunter Biden. Which snowballed into the fucking up of his plea deal, but also was pimped by GOP congresscritters as ammo against Biden. 

And the silliness of it all is I have to say this is Alex Smirnov, because the other witness with possible Russian ties is Tony Bobulinski.  The other indicted witness has Chinese ties

Weird that it looks like foreign sources are trying to influence a "campaign by other means" against Trump's 2020 or 2024 opponent via a member of his family? 

And on the day we learn this, Trump is moaning to a Fox News cry towel that because he got fined for his egregious business practices, he's Navalny. 

Does that make any sense at all?  Are we capable of telling the truth from a lie? He gets due process. He's alive. And we all can understand what he did wrong--he committed fraud. It has nothing to do with his politics. He just lies about things. He's a con artist. So, if we know the truth from a lie?

Then let's talk about it. Trump was supported with the help of Russian lies in two campaigns going for three. There is no good reason to think that Russia wants us to have a good, loyal, stable president. That's why they want Trump. This is because he is infinitely malleable for the right price, and his stock keeps going lower. 

Russia has also interfered in European elections. They are networking and influencing elected officials and separatists movements. Just like elected officials and separatist movements are influenced in these United States. They also are likely behind the convoy that fails to disrupt food shipments here in the US and the one in Poland actually dumping out Ukrainian food due for elsewhere. (We know they inspired the Candian convoy.)

How many Republicans ran with or are running with Russian propaganda?  Is it possible they don't know truth from a lie and can't tell that Russia is not an ally? How many are badmouthing Ukraine aid? How many are still allied to Trump--even fully understanding what he is? 

(Exactly as Hillary Clinton told us--Putin's puppet, or why else would he go to all the effort?) 

And knowing truth from a lie, why would we trust any Republican knowing all this--and supporting Trump anyway? 


bowtiejack said...

Good for Trump, I didn't know Navalny was also engaged in multiyear business fraud, cheating contractors and filing false tax returns. Hey, by the way, did Al Capone have a phony Capone University?

Vixen Strangely said...

It's funny that when Trump compares himself to Capone OR Navalny, it's really without any obvious consciousness of wrong-doing or courage--it just: those are guys that have been punished, and I'M a guy being punished, so, same! I mean funny as in chilling, like he truly doesn't HAVE a sense of right and wrong.

Ten Bears said...

It's also funny that when Trump compares himself to Capone it's really without any obvious consciousness that Capone died of syphilis, or Navalny "sudden death syndrome" ~ both in stone cold lockdown. Doesn't connect with his martyr complex, or just being really tired of it

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