Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dark Brandon Rises


Just as a throw-away sort of post, the sheer discomfiture the right has with Joe Biden doing regular stuff and having fun with his image absolutely delights me. Today, the chatterati were all in their feels about whether ice cream is manly and sunglasses are cool because of his appearance on Seth Meyers' show. I think the embrace of "Dark Brandon" as a counter-meme to "Let's go Brandon" fucks with their idea that the LEFT CAN'T MEME--of course liberals can meme. There's just more to life than trolling. 

Unless it makes hoes mad, and man, I sure do like to see hoes mad. 

But just to get more tendentious about the thing, the idea that it is less "something-something" of a president to eat ice cream is tan suit shit.  Ice cream is delightful--why so lactose-intolerant, Western Man? Even DJT gets his two scoops on, and I don't mean raisins.  Frankly, whoso would be a man, should be a nonconformist, and eat the damn cone even if everyone else should say him "ghey"

Also, what are you going to do with a cone? By the sheer physics of ice cream cones, you can neither put it down nor stop licking, for it is constantly melting around you. It is a metaphor for a calling.

Or maybe I'm just flipping riffing because little man Moses left the White House with his bush burning because everyone wants him to do at least one useful thing in the House and he doesn't know how. And yes, there's memes for that, too. 

House Republicans are what they are and are big Trump fans and Biden is sonning their leader and they can be mad, stay mad and die mad, IDGAF. 

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