Saturday, December 9, 2023

Casey DeSantis is Just Helping Her Man


Wait. Is she calling for...I mean?  Is she saying the mamas and grandmamas should RIG the Iowa caucus? Because I think we know who would be very STRONGLY concerned if there was RIGGING and would have to LOOK INTO THAT very STRONGLY! 

 Casey DeSantis has not been swanning around dressed like a Disney princess in capes and opera gloves in godforsaken Florida to not be First Lady of the US, m'kay? She knows that despite the high-flying nature of her husband's campaign (donor flights, migrant flights, evacuee flights...), he needs help., with this 2024 thing. Sometimes he even seems a little desperate. And that when she steps in

This seems a little desperate, too. 


Grung_e_Gene said...

Staaaaand by your Man
Give him two boots with lifts to climb into
And wear flats cause he's 5'8
Staaaand by your Man

Richard said...

I don't want them in my country. They can stay in Florida and burn books. Or whatever they do.

Vixen Strangely said...

In the PA gubernatorial race, DeSantis came up to endorse Doug Mastriano promising PA would become the Florida of the North. Yeah--we didn't go for that, and I think if the rest of the US was pretty honest about what DeSantis has done with Florida--they wouldn't like that for the rest of the country either. The funny thing to me is that the DeSantises have been running Florida as Ron's presidential launch pad for six years, which has turned it into exactly the kind of place they shouldn't want to stay living in. You could blame a rubber stamp legislature or whatever. Years and years of Republican rule have turned Florida from one kind of swamp to quite another and more noxious one.

I don't see how DeSantis knocks over Trump in this presidential go-around (Haley is better situated by coming across as a person and can occasionally fake moderate, even though she certainly isn't--and she isn't going to win either). So the trick is seeing just how finished Ron is after 2024. Is he "end his term in office with Chris Christie 2nd term poll numbers and join some Christian Right outfit as the last people who will take him" sort of over? (Wingnut welfare is a pretty fancy soup line, anyway.) Is he "seek a job with NewsMax or pull strings somewhere to be a consultant of some kind" kind of over? (Casey is better cut out for either role by being fake-personable.) Because his other option IN FLORIDA is knock off Rubio or Scott for a Senate seat and it isn't happening.

But if Trump screws him up like I think he will--he's roadkill. Which is what he's got coming.

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