Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nikki Haley Sums up the Debate

Well, exactly! And it isn't just Vivek Ramaswamy (deep down, the one everyone else would like voted off the island). The debate was just so, so dumb, you guys. It felt like it was actually a competition to play second fiddle to the clown who was telling a non-union auto parts group that they were striking for the wrong reason. And two of those guys (DeSantis and Christie) certainly wouldn't be Trump's running mate at all.

Ants. Feet. Colossus. 

What do we say when the harshest criticism against a four-time indicted man whose entire "successful" business career is determined to be a fraud is..."Donald Duck?" It's sad. 

But mostly, it just feels very, very stupid.


Richard said...

What a mess. They were all so bad. I only watched the "highlights". It felt like they don't live here. It felt like they don't understand any kind of life outside of debate school. It was a sad performance.
What made it worse, was the shadow of Trump. I just know that they would jump on the Trump train, slavering like a gollumm
So they could have a golden ticket to mar-a-lago.

It was a sad spectacle, and if they think that is the way to win our hearts, they were wrong.

Vixen Strangely said...

"They don't live here"--right? They seem divorced from how the world works for working people in this country. Mike Pence said Biden should be "on the unemployment line." What the? First, why do you want any American unemployed, but second, no, if in a regular profession not politics, he would be enjoying his retirement. He's working because he's defending the country from pricks like Pence and his former boss!

They don't have answers about energy or climate or immigration and have no position on abortion except they are against it and only vaguely realize it's more complex. They feel safe demagoguing about trans people. Tim Scott seems to think the Great Society was worse than slavery which is so disconnected from reality I wonder what universe he beamed in from.

They all seemed to be from somewhere else and going nowhere fast.

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