Sunday, February 5, 2023

Dark Brandon Took Down the Bad Balloon


Because this was the show you wanted this weekend, the Chinese surveillance balloon made it to the South Carolina coast where it was beyond the debris falling over a populated area, and then it got POPPPPPPPEDDD!  The debris field was seven miles. This is why you don't do this sort of thing over populated areas. That could have been not-great. Also, the US was on it like a bonnet and had been blocking the balloon from surveilling much of anything while trying to study what it was actually here for--so we received some intelligence while it was up there, and China did not receive so much intelligence. 

We might learn more from what we gather from what got downed. 

And anyway it was since Wednesday that Biden said to bring it down and the US military observed when it was safe to do it--and then it got done. You know, while all the critics were suggesting "Do it now!" as if the damn thing was about to cause havoc or whatever.  No havoc got caused, friends. 

It did not cause havoc in the past either, when surveillance balloons entered US airspace during the Trump Admin and they did nothing at all. Now, sure, you could say it was for not as long or not as deep into the US or whatever, but the fact remains that Trump did not shoot down surveillance balloons, or spy planes, or spy ships, (Who knows what Trump thought about spy infiltration in general? He tore up treaties regarding our tacit acknowledgement that some spying was going on all the time but you got to have rules, to having like, no rules. You know, the way he tore up the Iran nuke agreement so we couldn't verify their production of radioactive material thereby making things more dangerous.) 

Look, I hate Trump's foreign policy as being anomalous to everything we ever did prior and its wholesale disregard for our history and alliances and that is definitely some kind of bias on my part--and I have criticized it using terms like "grovelling shit"  and have just recently repeatedly called him a "bottom bitch"

But my resort to scatology doesn't make me wrong. Dark Brandon fucks shit up. Trump is a severely compromised and pathological needy ass personality who will ally himself with anyone who will show him love and forgive his debts. This scenario has only gotten worse since his one-term wonder, twice-impeached self has found more and more financial and legal jeopardy in his post -presidency. 

This is a guy who wanted to end US affiliation with NATO.  This is the guy who sucked up to Xi because he was desperate to turn around the failure of his tariffs policy with respects to trade had caused, including praising him over COVID-19 and his crackdown on Hong Kong and according to John Bolton, even looking for re-election assistance from that quarter.  While supporting further human rights abuses. 

Tough on China? Where he pays his taxes? My good bitch, when the hell was this man ever tough on China? He was nearly as supine re: Xi as he ever was with Putin, and that was fully lubed and ready to talk dirty. 

Biden was only bidin' his time with respects to the bad balloon, and drew out who the knee-jerk asshole unserious partisan bullshit artists are. And wow! Can I just go ahead and say most of the Republican party are unserious knee-jerk full on partisan hacks who should not be trusted with foreign policy? 

I don't care what your answer is to that question because I absolutely swear it's true.  A whole party ready to support Mr. Bottom Bitch and whatever nation he puts first over America. People with no respect for treaties, norms, alliances, nor understanding of the history of how they came to be. Just looking for campaign dark money laundering and sweetheart deals because they never went into politics for love of country but love of self in the first place. 

And that is where I stand on that. 


bt1138 said...

As many have noted, they shot it down the moment it was over water - Because it's much less damage to the payload when it drops, so there's more to pick up and figure out how it worked and what it did.

That's why they waited.

Vixen Strangely said...

Joe Biden was responsive to expert opinions, and I take it as read that Trump never was. The DOD under Biden tracked the balloon from point of entry to take-down, and supposedly jammed its signal. We will learn more from this episode than China learns from the balloon. To my mind, that is very much a success story.

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