Sunday, January 29, 2023

The (Book) Free State of Florida


There's something rotten in the state of Florida, and DeSantis is all over it--his state has purged books, of all things, from school libraries. Because you never know what might be lurking in books. Ideas. Hope. Emotions. Freedom of thought. Freedom of speech. Non-conformity. There might be something there to challenge the youthful mind to do something more than hear and obey. And in DeSantis' Free State of Florida, that just isn't something he wants to see. 

Yeah, I'm here to tear up his stupid circumlocution called the "Free State of Florida". When you introduce a kind of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for teachers and students and whoever else is connected to schools, how dare you call whatever the fuck you are doing "freedom"? When you start a war against "woke" (anti-racism and anti-homophobia/transphobia, anti-systemic oppression of minority rights, apparently)--what is freedom to you?

Is it just another word for nothing left to lose? 

I don't mind calling a person who muses about how to make the death penalty easier to apply a whole ass fascist. He throws his little shit about making pedophilia subject to the death penalty in there to libel opponents of his bullshit as being pro-pedo instead of anti-death penalty. But I see him. And I don't have a hard time believing the stories that his time in the service attached to Guantanamo and adjacent to the SEALS in Fallujah were about finding legal loopholes to circumventing human rights. (You can do your own research, because I don't know whether what I see is true or not, I only know what I find DeSantis capable of. And I would bet it's a lot) 

He denied people of his state a representative. He elevates election deniers and COVID-19 deniers. He does culture war shit like sending Texas-bound migrants to Martha's Vineyard, and how and with what money still seem pretty legally sketchy. 

And all of this, Florida taxpayer money-backed, has been to set himself up to face another Florida man--Trump, in 2024. And all of this has been about being an absurd cultural signifier, and not actually dealing with Floridian's high insurance rates or making education better, or dealing with good governance. It's about launching off from this little swamp to a bigger one. 

And he'll even let his state get overrun by fascists because he's trying to do a necessary demographic change, here. Making Florida where Woke comes to die, and not God's waiting Room. (Do seniors in Florida know how much he hates them? ) And regarding anti-semitism, it isn't hard to see him. Out here being political and also willing to go low

Some people set store by him being the plausible alternative to Trump in any 2024 GOP primary. I would far-prefer a meteor take both of them out. His Florida isn't free and I don't know what he'd do to this country. But it would suuuuuuuuuuuuck. 

UPDATE: Shit. How did I leave out the menstrual history thing for female athletes? Anyway, in the Free State of Desantistan, the high schools are now the pee parts police and also want to regulate your barely regulateables. So if you have your period go awry because of any old weird thing like bodies are weird, they can look at you as doing a pregnant or being a trans or just wrong somehow because why aren't regulated human parts staying regulated? 

I don't live there, but I hate this place. 

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