Tuesday, November 22, 2022

They *Do* Want Us Dead


The LibsofTikTok account is live at Twitter under the new Regime. I hate it. I want you to understand something about this weird little targeting site--they want LGBT people dead, and their allies. Yes, even their allies. I know this because they targeted a whole Children's Hospital.  For a weird lie about what pediatric trans care entails--no one is performing surgeries on minors.  And that hospital is still receiving bomb threats, even now.  Because, I guess, like they say, a lie can travel the world before the truth has a chance to put on its pants. 

But think on it--this is a hospital for all kinds of sick children. Every patient, employee and family member has now been targeted for the supposed transgressions of a very, very few. Because they want allies to be severed. They want people to give up accepting LGBT lives in public, at all. 

One of the heroes of the mass shooting was a dad. He was an ally--a straight family man who was just there to appreciate a show. The violence is directed at telling people to fear LGBT spaces. To say if you are an ally--don't be there. Your friends belong in a closet. They shouldn't be seen and their books shouldn't be read. Be afraid.

I don't think it works that way. Mr. Fiero and a drag queen * (CORRECTION--new reports say she was a trans woman,) beat the shooter senseless, and that was more than the hundreds of police at Uvalde did when there was a mass shooter there. Let's face it, drag queens were the front line at Stonewall and are gonna be all up in haters' faces until the haters serve surrender. (And vis the correction--yes, trans women, too.)

But in the meanwhile, LGBT haters are still targeting trans athletes, trans treatment, and drag anything at all. 

This is because homophobes don't understand the difference between sex and gender and also don't seem to comprehend consent. They see gender morphism as a threat--any transvestism or deviation from what they think is appropriate gender signaling as being fetishized and therefore sexual, instead of just being about basic human autonomy and a desire to live according to how one wants to. They see a gender binary as ideologically static and can't appreciate the rainbow of our human experience. They can't appreciate respecting pronouns because these "others" aren't people to them. Not with rights they want to respect. Not with preferences they want to acknowledge. 

When people want to have "don't say gay" laws and ban whole libraries instead of having LGBT-affirming literature available--doesn't it say out loud they would rather not ever see queer people at all, existing? That they want to gatekeep how everyone views LGBT lives? 

They are wrong, and the way they are wrong is so transparent. 

So, when you see the words "gender ideology" --don't forget to understand who is saying anatomy is destiny and rendering whole human lives into the sum of their body parts.  Who is the ideologue, here? 

Don't forget who thinks shooter drills are more useful and less damaging for our kids than access to a diversity of viewpoints. Don't forget who thinks armed neo-Nazi types crowding outside a restaurant is somehow less disturbing for kids than the Drag brunch they were attending with their family.  Who is embracing violence over understanding? 

I don't doubt there is a certain RW element who wants not just queer people, but their allies, dead.  And they need to stop acting so afflicted when we point it out. 

UPDATE: Man's trolling:


This sounds so stagey to me. What is this little punk really about?


Batocchio said...

Matt Walsh sees monstrosity because he's a monster. With conservatives, it's always projection. And that combination of delusion and hatred is disturbing.

Vixen Strangely said...

Matt Walsh in particular has made comments that imply to me that he is fine with adults seeking out minors so long as it is men seeking out nubile girls. His commentary regarding trans people suggest some very strange hang-up about what is IRL a voluntary elective path to seeking wholeness by matching one's anatomy to one's self-perception as somehow being an imposition that would become non-elective for anyone. In other words, he seems to think gay witches will steal his penis.

Or he's just a grifter. The fatal result and the noxiousness are the same.

Cthulhu said...

I'm a CIS white guy with two LGBTQIA+ kids. And I've figured these haters out. It's not so much that they hate anyone and anything different, which they do, it's at the end of the day, they're TERRIFIED that some day, they're going to kiss (or more) a transperson and LIKE it, and thus call their entire sexuality into question. And they already are either questioning their sexuality or repressing it, so...

Basically, they want to kill anyone and everything that make them confront themselves,but what they really want to do is kill that part of themselves.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Always remember the loudest talkers are the biggest cowards, Walsh, Tim Pool, Tucker, Ben Shapiro have no intention of risking their lives and fortune but they will gleefully incite others to take direct action but their goal is too get Normies to equate the LGBTQ community with evil and thus justify government action against them; and yes that would mean chemical castration, incarceration and surgerical torture.

Ten Bears said...

Nice one C, I've argued the same 'ore their latent homosexuality ...

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