Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Russian Mobilization Here in the US


There are fifty-somethings being re-enlisted back in Russia, past their prime, grizzled, about to be re-introduced to materiel that they were handling back in their previous service. There are young men, many of them from the various ethnic hinterlands of the Russian Federation, who will be mobilized with barely days of basic training--hardly enough time to acquaint themselves with concepts like, "Here's your left foot, here's your right foot, this is the end the bullets go in, and this is the end the bullets come out." And it's sketchy how well the bullets come out from rusted over rifles, anyway. 

But let me pretend for minute that I was as full of Putinist cope as occasional Tucker Carlson guest Col. Doug McGregor--isn't it likely that Russia is making their mobilization look like a clusterfuck so that everyone will be taken unawares by the crafty scheme of--

Sending underprepared humans who don't want to be fighting a war in Ukraine to either be killed or surrender ignominiously?  Slowing the Ukraine advance to reclaim lost territory by stacking Russian bodies in their way? 

I'm not seeing a strategy in that, and I don't see a strategy in a US led false flag damaging Russian pipelines to Europe to trigger a NATO response. It seems like it's been Russia who has been suggesting that much of northern Europe couldn't do without their fuel--but is it not worth it to consider that dealing with Russia is financing genocide anyway? Maybe Russia shouldn't think they have all of Europe's ass over a barrel, or a pipeline. I don't think it matters. For the sake of our democratic ideals, for the sake of acknowledging sovereignty and rejecting bullies, there is no question but to support Ukraine. 

I don't know what the effect of maybe 300,000 warm bodies (for however long they stay warm) joining the fray is (if they get there, given how many are trying to leave for Mongolia, Finland, Georgia, etc. ) I suspect when the bodies start returning home, regardless of the mobile crematoria and the idea that field deaths are a part of op sec, as well as propaganda, and the people know for sure that Mad Vlad decided to fuck over at least a generation to stay in power and to see a stupid vision of Russian greatness come to fruition. And failed and kept failing. And offered bodies to fail some more.  

The one thing that Russia has effectively mobilized, I guess by their own media paying attention to him, is Tucker Carlson's mouth. Of course, he's never facing bullets. I just wonder at what juncture he faces facts. Or when Fox News decides his version of the news is a perversion of it and can't take his lies anymore. 

UPDATE: Of course the authoritarian pro-Putinist message devolves down to this misshapen boy-man because the right is Duganist and Bannonist and also, very stupid:

Because of course, nothing happening in a war that has been going on since basically 2014 could have to do with anything but the US midterms and if you are a patriot, of course you would hate US intelligence agencies above all. Whoever funds this cretin should experience eternal crotch-itch and occasional shocks to the taint. 

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Jimmy T said...

The 300,000 are just so much cannon fodder. You can't expect men (some nearing retirement) to prevail in a war with no training, rusty weapons, and being short of food. “Infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars.” quote from Army General John J. Pershing. The Russians have failed utterly to provide logistics...

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