Tuesday, August 9, 2022

And then they came for the wealthy and well-connected, and I Laughed my ass off.


Maybe there is something explosive in there, but it was as rigged as an election that more or less behaved as the poll numbers always suggested.  It really sounds to me like someone is hedging expectations for a big and damaging reveal. They, unlike you and I, have seen the warrant. 

The GOP is steadily going ahead with the "If it can happen to Trump it can happen to you" line. Look at the 1/6 rioters who came to the Capitol because Trump told them to, and look at Trump, who initiated the lies that got them there, still walking around as free as a bird.  No--things happen to you if you don't have the insulation of money and connections. Things aren't supposed to happen to people like Trump--and that is exactly why he behaves the way he does. 

Police have been planting things like small quantities of drugs and toy guns besides the bodies of slain youth in some communities. They sometimes have done so to live people, who don't have the resources a former president does, to perhaps gather around himself a roundtable of helpful GOP congresspeople to strategize with. 

People lose their freedoms, their life savings, and their homes due to unfortunate circumstances all the time. Trump stole top secret US documents like they belonged to him for a reason we don't even know and just got served a search warrant to get the things back (or it there more to it--worse? If it looks bad it is bad?), and his GOP buddies lined up to protect him. That isn't a former president, that's a capo. They support him, but what part is respect and what part fear?

I feel like it's a lot of fear, because given what he does, I don't know how he gets respect. Maybe Republicans are just badly potty-trained and can't sort out the difference between fear and respect. 

But I laugh whenever I see "If they can do this to a former president, they can do this to you" stuff.  Sure. Me and my how would I even get 15 boxes of top secret information ass is sweating that ridiculous supposition.  I also never started an insurrection or extorted another world leader.  What a load of stupidity! He has rights, in court, where I guess we can get a load of his actual, not public relations, defense. 

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