Monday, May 16, 2022

Where Did He Learn GRT?


The young man who killed 10 people in Buffalo singled them out demographically--he did homework in order to take human lives. This young man was handed coursework for a tragic and fatal assignment by people with no conscience. He was basically groomed for white supremacy and violence, in a society where guns and fantasized violence and casual racism are given a pass by a particular party. And what about his parents? Were they concerned about his mental diet? Did they wonder why their gun-loving son got body armor (as if deer ever shot back)? 

I don't think the GOP will denounce great replacement theory after they just called for starving brown babies in immigration detention. They have excused everything else, so why not double-down on their rhetoric even after tragedy? I mean, after a brief pause for thoughts and prayers, of course. It will be turned around--why are poor conservative victims being called racists!? The infamy of being called out like that!

I'm not feeling eloquent about the thing I keep writing about--how demagoguery and gun worship are priming the US for increased violence.  


StringOnAStick said...

Eliminationist rhetoric is definitely increasing. I admit that I am hesitant to display my political leanings or do any public facing organizing; I live in a blue city in a state with mail in ballots and D dominated at the state level (OR), but very close by are the ungovernable rural areas and these people are angrier every day and their media diet is pushing violent revolution. I fear a very hot summer in the US.

Vixen Strangely said...

Same, but in PA (where it seems like every other GOP primary candidate is an actual insurrectionist and/or cult member). They've had time to brood on the 2020 election without any resolution; I think promises that the election could be overturned were deliberate to keep a kind of expectation going, and that this restlessness will be channeled into other demonstrations like the People's Convoy, probably to create provocations ahead of November to discourage turnout.

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