Wednesday, March 23, 2022

It's Probably A Million.


I think I've been a bit remiss about posting regarding the pandemic, because we were going to be loose as a goose and go fuck a duck if actual infection and whatever else figures suggested we need mask up and whatever again, But in real-space, it looks to me like  BA.2 or "Stealth Omicron" is entirely a thing. It's fucking up China, and that means US coastal cities will be feeling it in 3,2, 1....because airports exist. And in actuality, I'm triple vaxxed and masked at work because I don't trust any damn thing. I experienced post virus bullshit from mono and don't want to know what post Covid is like. 

I think we might have lost a million people to Covid-19 given what we know about excess deaths. I think it would be incredibly stupid to pretend Covid isn't a regular feature of our near-future. Go think about the one million probable Covid-19 deaths--and consider what the future government that can better  manage it might look like.

We would need a stronger government protocol about preventing infection in the first place and that means masking. We would need vaccine research that thought about tackling variants and persistently educated people that vaccination is always a correct protocol for avoiding the worst that a virus could do. These things can happen--

They just won't. I think RW tropes are persistent above and beyond functional civic protocols. People are dying because one party doesn't care and the other party isn't fighting back.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Just checked Worldometer and they have it as over one million. Almost exactly two years ago, I predicted that half-a-million Americans would die of this thing, but that was before anti-masking and anti-vaxxing were things.

Sheesh, I was such a Polyanna!

Vixen Strangely said...

I think generally well-intentioned people would be unlikely to have imagined the RW politization of basic public health because it is profoundly sociopathic. In hindsight you know the sociopaths exist, but that so many went along with them still throws me a bit.

Bruce.desertrat said...

We've had nearly a half-million dead since vaccines became widely available.

I honestly never thought I'd live in such a close analog of Idiocracy that deliberately taking steps to ensure you were more vulnerable to a dangerous highly communicable disease would be come a badge of political tribe membership.

When people consider it an existential threat to have to get a vaccine.

Ten Bears said...

That's probably an undercount by at least half.

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