Saturday, September 18, 2021

Much Ado About...Something


Now, I'm not going to say that the Justice for J6 rally was small (HOW SMALL WAS IT?) but...

No, wait. That's hacky. I'm better than this. (They could have reserved a phone booth. They looked like peanuts in a Cracker Jack box. They could have socially distanced in a canoe. They were muscled out by an introverts' convention. They were outnumbered by the press and got camera-shy--probably literally.)

The point of the rally was supposed to be to show support for the folks who have been arrested for the January 6 rally (a far larger group of people than turned out today) under the entire "misunderstanding" that those people (who had weapons, who were trespassing, who committed vandalism, who assaulted press and law enforcement--all actual on-the-books crimes) were somehow "political prisoners" being sorely mistreated by I guess the Deep State? (They aren't even all in jail--some oppression, amirite?)

Of course it was small! Word got out that law enforcement would be out in force, and the press hyped it up a bit, and people who might have turned up realized well, "shit, there but for the grace of goddamb common sense would go I." If there were such a thing as political prisoners from 1/6, they didn't want to be 9/18 political prisoners. (There were supposed to be "White Lives Matter" demos in different places but they didn't happen either--which is great, because it's enough for me my birthday is RBG's death anniversary.)

So, um--yay for paranoia! It occasionally makes things suck less!

But also, there were no stakes (it wasn't like, the day the electoral votes were getting certified in Congress, there wasn't ZILCH going on in Congress today) and there were no hot-shit high-profile speakers riling stuff up. Trump isn't president anymore, and the fever of the swamps is clamped down with quinine and horse paste. 

Which doesn't mean we don't have to worry about about Trumpism--the caliphate is gone, but the stochastic terrorism is still present. I mean, I look at the way schools and hospitals are basically being attacked by Red State policies and street protests from right wing politicos, and it looks to me like an attack on soft targets. Vaccine and mask disinfo is psyops

And Trump is still at least presenting as delusional regarding the validity of his electoral loss, sending a letter to the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding some kind of legal remedy for I guess having counted votes that made Trump feel sad. He did this right ahead of the rally to let the people know, even if the rallies got small, he's still thinking he's big. 

I don't even think it's interesting to know whether he's broken as a human and actually thinks he won or not. That he's performing as if, for others, is the damage. And I swear, if Republicans were smarter and better organized, they would try to undercut that shit so they could move on with their lives. And for what it's worth, I see the value in looking at Trump as broken because even high-functioning hustlers fuck up, because they don't deal in the truth. The act wears out. Trump is a conman with bad debts. write his ass off. Jeez--how trauma-driven and big-daddy-loving are these little conservative creeps? 

I don't even know. But anyway, for the record, there was a little Trump rally today, so small, so short. It isn't the end of the story, but it suggests there will be one, and that's pretty good.  

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